Day 6

I’m back in Junsen.

[The Bleak Lands]
Junsen – 6 (2 WH to Unknown)

I don’t have the house to myself, but the kids are distracted by tablets and laptops, so I take the risk and undock. I find two Wormholes in the system, both to unknown space.  A good start.


The first has two Augoror cruisers sitting on it. One jumps in after a while, but the other one stays put. I think I’ll ignore that hole and check the second one out instead.

J152737 – 7+1 (WH to Hi Sec, WH to Unknown, …)

This has a Spatial anomaly which impacts (from memory) locking range and missiles. There is activity on D-Scan and I find it at an Online Tower, where two pilots are swapping ships around, including a Drake, Catalyst, Probe and Ferox. I watch them a while but they don’t do anything more of interest, and some noise from the kids remind me that my time is limited.

Two of the signatures in the system are out of range of this tower, so I warp away and start by scanning those down.  Both resolve to Wormholes. While I find them quickly a Capsule blips on scan just as I click “recall” on my probes. Damn – someone likely knows I am here.

I check the first wormhole out, which links to Hi-Sec.

Allebin – 2+1

The system is miles from anywhere. I don’t bother scanning; just let my polerisation timer clear before returning to J152737. I then go check out the second Wormhole.

J210458 0+1
This C4 also has a spatial anomaly, but it is rather nasty with 27% off resists to shields. I can see one active tower, no ships, and no other signatures but the one I came in by. This is a dead end. I don’t bother hanging around and step back into J152737 again.

There are still 5 more signatures to scan down, but given I didn’t know where the Capsule came or went to, I decide to head back to Allebin and continue my scanning from there.

Allebin – 2+1 (WH to Unknown, Data)

I quickly identify the two signatures, finding one leading back to Unknown space.  It’s been a good day for finding wormholes.

J113919 – 4+1 (WH, Gas, Gas, Relic)

This is a C1. I note the Custom Offices are owned by a 2 person Corp, which seems brave of them. The two closest Towers are online and have drug labs. Warping around I find further online towers with Reactions running. (Run by larger Corps.)  A busy little hole, but with no obvious pilot activity it is back to scanning.  That highlights one more wormhole to check out.

J135245 – 11+1 (Relic, Gas, Gas, Gas, Gas, WH to unknown, WH to Low Sec, WH to C2, WH to C2, Relic, Relic)

This looks interesting – I see wrecks on scan, along with 3 POS and no force fields. I bookmark the hole and warp off feeling a touch of excitement.  I keep a close eye on D-Scan, where I watch as the wrecks disappear one by one. There are no ships visible, so obviously they are expiring.  When does that happened, after 2 hours?  So the hole is not so interesting after all.

I find the POS just for practice – very pleased that my 5% scan calibrations have worked a treat. That greatly speeds up things.  I then set about scanning through the 11 signatures.  Unlike Penny, I don’t get any sort of spidery sense of what they might be before they are labelled in my overview.  Although having said that, some of the Relic sites seem to take more effort than normal to find.  Again another good system for Wormholes, with 4 to explore.

Shapisin – 5+1

The first hole I check leads to Genesis. I’m by myself in the system. With more interesting things to explore, I return to J135245.

J124526 – 5+1

This hole is a C2. There is a Domi on scan when I first step into the system, with 3 online towers. I warp across to a far planet and find 3 more online towers, and another offline. There is also a Harbinger. The 5% D-Scan makes it relatively quick to find the Tower the piloted Harb is in, and the Tower without a Force Field. I might revisit, but for now I return to J135245 and try the next wormhole.

J162159 – 5+1 (Relic, Gas, Gas, WH to Hi-Sec, Relic)

A C2 this time which is also active – it seems to pay to do these trips on the weekends. I see an Iteron V on scan, then a Crusader, then ship swapping continues with a Catalyst, and an Anathema, and then – nothing. I warp around the system and find two online towers, but no ships and no further activity. I scan down the sites, finding one wormhole to Empire.

I still have plenty to explore and some signs of activity, but my kids have lost interest in their screens at this point and are starting to make noise.  Time to look for a place to dock, so I use the Wormhole to High Sec.

Reteka – 1+1

My fourth Region for the session and I am in Khanid, not far from Amarr. There are no stations here however so I look up the map and then step across one system.

Palas – 0

Where I dock.


Latest Trip Count –7 sessions, 32 Empire Systems, 23 Wormholes, 2 Null Systems, 1 Low Sec System, 1 kill

It might not be obvious – but I am actually finding value from this process.

When I started it took me a couple minutes to scan down each signature – now they are done in a quarter of the time. I am able to use D-Scan to quickly paint a picture in my mind of what activity is going on around me, and pin point the location of things of interest. I’ve crisscrossed the Map of EVE, visiting systems I’ve never been in before. I’ve hunted other players, and been hunted by them. I’ve also grown more comfortable moving around in dangerous space.

It might not be riveting reading, but what I like about this is it is available to solo players. I just clone jump to my Loki once a month or so for a change of scenery, and get the chance to work on improving my piloting skills. When my Loki meets its demise I think I will continue this journey, although I might just go in a Covert Ops Frigate. The checking / hunting other player part slows things down lots!

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