Twitish Twitter and the Bee

My blog updates continue – the About Page has been rewritten, and I (finally) created a twitter account for Evehermit.

I’m not sure how I will be using it – but I figured it would be a good idea to pay more attention to the EVE community there. First impressions though were not that great. What is up with the Facebook style – we will tell you want you want to see, Trends list? Worse, there does not seem to be a built in way to follow hash tags. I’d have thought that was such an obvious thing!? It might take me a little longer to get used to than expected.

I still have some page prettying to do on this blog (pictures), and I need to add some links back to CCP/the game site, but things are not far off where I wanted them to be.

There has been a catalyst for these changes. I’ve had a bee in my bonnet since the SOMER Blink and Ishukone Watch Scorpion sagas arose. I was disappointed CCP’s clumsy attempts at supporting the EVE Community had backfired and caused them such grief. As such, in my own small way, I am making a little more effort to be part of that community.

I’ve even formalised the focus for the blog – EVE for the Solo, Risk adverse, Empire Dwelling, constantly interrupted older player. I didn’t say I was aiming to be a vibrant and successful part of the community…

4 thoughts on “Twitish Twitter and the Bee

  1. For me, the secret to Twitter has been following a few key people who, in turn, follow a wider audience and retweet the highlights now and again. I also find that reading my feed via Flip Board on the iPad is a completely different experience with the exact same feed.

  2. I’ve met some fun people through twitter. Some I stop following.

    The hash tag thing was organic I believe. Different phone apps support it differently. Interesting conversations happen at times.

  3. Welcome to the Twitter World and EVE on Twitter!

    With that said I pretty much keep EVE Twitter at a arms length away somewhat, so i don’t check it all that often to make it an addiction habit to do so. I don’t follow everyone, but for EVE I follow CCP so i have all the key Info feed and most the characters in or who plays EVE. Characters who have some connection with in the community in game or thru their blogs already. Kinda like Wilhelm already said above as well most the people I follow are already connected in a web enough that at least anything really important that gets tweeted i get to read it whenever i check Twitter or choose to log in and check/read it. EVE conversations vary, can be interesting at times. Even if it don’t apply to me at times, but just to know what’s happening or the discussion. Like the recent SOMER Blink thing, I just learned about it on Twitter.

    Mostly I just read the EVE Twitter to just know what’s happening since I don’t always keep up with everything. But I don’t often have time or the inclination to express any opinion about everything either, often very little. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered. But it’s still good to be in the know regardless.

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