I’m in my home system for what seems the first time in weeks, so I decide to ignore the EVE To Do List and all the peripheral stuff, and just do a “standard” EVE session.

I log in my first Industry Alt and update my Trade orders. There were a couple more expensive hulls picked up over the previous 24 hours, so I check their locations, decide they will sell ok, remotely deliver them from Corp to my Alt and put them up for re-sale. Trade competition has been heavier these last few weeks, so there are lots of orders to update. The actual market itself however seems extra slow.

I then undock the Alt and run through the first half of my PI Cycle.

Once done I log that Toon off, and log in my Second industry Alt. I undock and complete the second half of my PI cycle.

Next I change over to my Main and undock in my Exploration Tengu. There were only two anomalies and one signature in system. I run the anomalies, getting a True Sansha spawn at the end of the second that unfortunately drops nothing of value. While salvaging its wreck I scanned down the Signature, which turned out to be a minor Combat site.

I dock and swap into a T1 Pirate Cruiser and run the site. It also spawns a True Sansha at the end, which also drops nothing of value. 0 from 2. While salvaging that wreck I notice there are some asteroids in the pocket, and I get a sudden urge to be recalcitrant.

I open up a second EVE Client and log my Main Alt in. I check he’s in the right clone, and board his Orca and ensure it is correctly fit. I then fleet the two characters, undock the Alt, and warp into the Combat Site. While he holds it / stops it from despawning, I warp my Main back and swap the Cruiser for my dust and cobweb covered Hulk.

Somewhere in space Gevlon had an involuntary shudder as my max yield barge with minimal tank slipped out into space. I can almost hear dramatic music. I make my way to the Orca, survey the roids and start to lock up targets.  Then I turn around, warp back to the station and re-dock to grab the mining crystals I need.  A minute later I start the process all over again.


I mine away for 30 or 40 minutes, hitting D-Scan every so often to check for Combat probes (the only way I will be found), and Catalysts. (There is one, but he is a local mission runner I am familiar with.)

This session was a little more than just a quite finger to Gevlon. It was one of those personal moments in EVE. My Main is a maxed skilled miner. My Alt is a maxed skilled Orca boosting pilot. They are using every T2 module, drone and implant available to them. This was the first time in 7 years of playing that I have mined at the maximum yield possible in Empire.

Well – not quite.

I don’t have absolute bragging rights. My Main does not have the Michi’s Excavation Augmentor implant, and I am using T2 Mining Drones instead of Harvester Mining Drones. The implant goes for 1.3B at the moment, and the Harvester Drones 1.2B for a flight of five. I just don’t see myself ever spending that much for mining once every other month.

So I am as maxed as I am ever going to be maxed.  Regardless the technicalities, it leaves me feeling a little warm and fuzzy. I also use Salvager and T2 mining drones for the first time, which is also cool.


Mining Drone love – great crackling noise if you look close

Finally I dock, gather everything together and check the bounty rewards, and find I earn a touch under 60M ISK, plus whatever my Trading might earn.  A successful standard EVE session.

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