Information not to share with someone you are romantically interested in

Just a quick one.

tgl3 from mentioned on twitter (@TG_3) today how many days he had spent logged into the game.  It is a fun statistic, although should probably be kept away from anyone you have a romantic interest in.  (Unless they too play EVE I guess.)

There are a couple ways of getting this information.  I grabbed mine from EVEMon.  Just go to Tools > API Tester…, and select the API Method “AccountStatus”.  It reports the number of times the characters on an account have logged in, and for how many minutes in total.

I have three accounts, which have had 10,708 log ins and 504 days of logged in time between then.  For a computer game.  Pretty sure my wife could find grounds for divorce in that, even if just as proof of my insanity.  Thankfully I can’t calculate the amount of extra time I have spent reading, writing or thinking about EVE…