Dual tanking…

I logged into Dust again – you seem to get rewarded for doing that daily.

I wasn’t interested in joining a battle – I had set myself just one goal.  Find some skills to train.

I read a few forum and blog posts about what I should start focusing on first.  I can’t say I was left particularly confident with any of the suggestions.  Why advise a player to get to rank 5 on one particular skill ASAP?  Surely there are a dozen other core skills which you should aim to get to rank 3 or 4 before getting your first rank 5 skill?  That seemed to be tone of the advice – it wasn’t really about what new players should do, it was what a min/max player should do on their second or third dust toon.  If I found something that seemed to make sense, the comment section was full of conflicting advice.

So what was the first problem I had to address?  I was dying too quickly in game to get a chance to work out the controls.  Answer?  Try to improve my tank.

While there are core skills to increase your shield and armour, they influence the base statistics of your drop suit in small incremental lots.  I had very little ISK to play around with, so the best bang for my training buck at this point seemed to be just to wear a heavier dropsuit with more HP.  ISK and SP spent, I can now wear medium dropsuits.

I purchased a small number of them and used the rather inaccurate feeling fitting window to set up some Militia gear load outs.  By my calculation I have a couple battles worth of these fit outs which – if I dual tank, give me about double the HP I had in my first battle.  I should last 4 seconds instead of 2, which might just let me learn a little more.  However – dual tanking.  Is that as horrible in Dust as it is in EVE?  Do people look or scan your fitting, or see it on a killboard, and laugh loudly while quickly putting you on their ban list?  Or can you get away with this while you are fumbling around trying to learn things?

4 thoughts on “Dual tanking…

  1. Though I’ve logged into DUST recently it was only to update my system and haven’t really played in months compared to how i used to back then. Though I like the idea of a Tank, i find I mostly preferred to play logistic. The builds have probably changed and tweaked things since then over the months. I played Tanking some with a Heavy and a Forge. Both can be fun but playing a Heavy with a Heavy machine is much more fun when you have logistic support and both jell well supporting each other. You can be a bit more lone wolf with a Forge as it has very long range to target yet logistic support helps all the same. DUST is just more fun with others.

    I would say overall it’s really much like EVE when you start training trying to acquire some core skills. Their are some skills you really need some good amount in first to be effective overall in Weapons (like having Assault Rifle Operation V or X Rifle Operation V whatever your usual weapon is) supplementing the support skills at that level for that weapon. But you don’t really want to try and max everything out at 5 early either as it starve you having skills in others. Only need or place a few core skills that exactly lead or unlocks the skill tree teir beyond so you can get to the other skills to maybe drop 1-3 points initially. But for suits and equipment overall plan those very carefully once you know what your go to weapon will be at what you choose there is easier to pick once you know your weapon.

    If your not going to use something best not to place any point in that area at all. If your not going to use Vehicles, Corporation for example, no real reason to put any points there at all. It’s mostly a waste. Obviously if your trying to upgrade to use a Complex Damage Modifier mod on suit and you only had the Militia version you need a few points in one or two joining skills to be able to upgrade to train the skill. Its things like that you pay attention to in that you can use the upgraded mods at some level vs not at all. So be carefully where you place your skill points a level at a time and not dumping points in skills blindly. Once you place minimum skill points to unlock a suit/equipment tree teir of skills then your good for whatever or wherever you want to place your skills for equipment later. For Drop Suits and Weapons know where you want to go before you place skill points.

    There is also nothing all that wrong to leave your skills unspent until you are very sure just where you want to put them in DUST. Got over 4 months of unspent skills i’m quite content in leaving it like that for now.

  2. I assume you’ve read this already?

    Generally, Gallente and Amarr suits armour tank, and Caldari and Minmatar shield tank, but the amount of hit points provided by basic plates makes them very good value.

    A suit with basic plates in all the low slots, plus a Compact Nanohive (900 isk, Nanocircuitry II) to provide a one-shot armour repair goes a surprisingly long way.

    • And yeah, most players dual tank to some extent; whether that’s a few basic plates on a Caldari suit, or a few complex shield extenders on an Amarr suit, there’s usually a place for a dual tank before diminishing returns kick in.

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