EVE Forum Threads worth a look

A couple months ago CCP Rise asked for one line suggestions for EVE related changes (bad, funny, good).  There were 81 pages when last I checked.  I did not read them all, but I did scan through maybe a quarter over a couple of sessions.  There are a few witty suggestions that are worth a laugh, and every so often something that makes you stop and thing, now that would be cool…


Recently a player somewhat well known for having around 100 accounts lost 14B ISK worth of Mackninaw and Pods to a smartbombing gank.  I’ve seen his fleet a few times in my travels – with a mix of horror and awe.  This thread was one of many started by an observer, with  page 8 showing the result.  An “EVE” type thing.


EVE To Do List

Two days into my leave, and the only thing achieved have been two very nasty headaches. In the hope day three might be better, it’s time to sit down and put my EVE To-Do list in the one location. (This post is just for my own record.)


. Review the new Industrial Hulls [DONE]
. Sell prepared stock of industrials [DONE]
. Review Medium LR turrets (Rails, Beams & Artillery) [PART]
. Review Active Tanks after Armor Repair & Shield Boost increases [PART]
. Consider T2 Mindlink Purchases [PART]
. Buy & train Informorph Synchronizing skill – all Toons [DONE]
. Buy & train Advanced Infomorph Psychology skill – Main & Main Alt [DONE]
. Review new HACs and Command Ships [PART]


. Prepare 2 High DPS ships and ingredients for 3 POCO [DONE]
. Identify Target Planets for POCO
. Anchor 1-3 POCO for Corp (No goal, just amusement value)
. Revisit the fittings on the Interceptors I use as Shuttles
. Buy Rapid Launcher BPO
. Review Rattlesnake Fitting to see if Rapid Launcher an option
. Source / Stock some Depots (how do you manufacture?)
. Source / Stock some Siphons (how do you manufacture?)
. Buy and fit a number of SoE Frigates
. Buy and fit a number of SoE Cruisers


. Run L4 Missions for SoE in Osmon? [PREPARED]
. Review all Clone Implant sets [PART]
. Source / Stock some Personal Hangers (is there a BPO?)
. Check what BPO I am missing
. Look into manufacturing Nanite Repair Paste
. Set up a Low Sec base of operations [Picked location, now preparing]
. Continue Wormhole Trip
. Continue Exploration
. Continue Trade
. Keep an eye on the skills missing on the Main Toon
. Think about trying some of the other race Cosmos Sites