EVE Forum Threads worth a look

A couple months ago CCP Rise asked for one line suggestions for EVE related changes (bad, funny, good).  There were 81 pages when last I checked.  I did not read them all, but I did scan through maybe a quarter over a couple of sessions.  There are a few witty suggestions that are worth a laugh, and every so often something that makes you stop and thing, now that would be cool…


Recently a player somewhat well known for having around 100 accounts lost 14B ISK worth of Mackninaw and Pods to a smartbombing gank.  I’ve seen his fleet a few times in my travels – with a mix of horror and awe.  This thread was one of many started by an observer, with  page 8 showing the result.  An “EVE” type thing.


2 thoughts on “EVE Forum Threads worth a look

  1. Thanks for sharing those links – I would like to see the setup of the multi-boxer. The investment may be significant from a $$$ perspective, but I would think the amount of time spent getting it all to work would be massive too.

    I wonder how efficient it all is – I tried multi boxing a couple of times with 2 or 3 clients, but generally found it to be too much work. I might have a 2nd account hanging out to be used for looting or mining or something, but I only tend to play one at once.

    • I don’t have any facts – I get the impression from this and previous threads he has around 8 to 10 second hand PC’s which are optimally configured and supported by scripts and multi-box tools. I can only handle 1 account in PVP or anything that requires lots of session changes (my wormhole trips), but for most other things I can manage 2 clients ok. My 3rd at the same time, not so much.

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