13 Days

It took a little longer to reach the shores of Australia, but my Collector’s Edition arrived today.



As I’ve remarked on before, this purchase was mostly to acknowledge the long time I have spent playing this game.  I was particularly keen on getting the book, which looks great, and on first review does a great job outlining the history of the game so far.  As I flipped through I kept having “Oh, I remember that” moments.  The Rifter model was more flimsy than I expected and a little roughly put together.  I’ve put it on my bookcase where it looks much better from a distance.  I redeemed the various digital items – implanted the not so Golden Pod on my Main Toon, stored the collector’s items away, and put a handful of items that I am never going to use up on the market.   Now I’m listening to the CD.

5 thoughts on “13 Days

  1. Mine showed up on Monday the 28th, so not all that far ahead considering the time from Amazon’s warehouse to me is a day max because of proximity alone. I jumped to a high sec trade hub and redeemed the lot while I listened to the CD. I was about to inject the gold pod implant, but checked the market first and saw they were going for 3 billion ISK. So I might hold off on that for a bit. I am not anxious to sell it, but there is a price point at which I would, so I am interested to see where the market goes. Same with all of the collectibles. Those will probably sit in my hangar for a couple years.

    The Rifter is up on my bookshelf as well. I hope the cats won’t knock it over and break it. And the book… well, it is pretty good. A lot more detail than I had set myself to expect from that sort of thing.

    • I noticed the price of the pod implant (2.6B when I looked), but I used it anyway. I think it will stir up more memories / recognition than anything I might spend the ISK on. I agree regards the book – it was better than I expected. Generally it seems to be paced well. The CD was also better than expected. Quite a few songs will make it to my play list.

  2. Makes me re-think. Its a tad expensive but the do want the Rifter (although I never flew one) and the in-game items seem to be quite marketable. Let us know how you like the book when you are done, thats likely my deciding factor…

    • If I just added up the individual components in the box I doubt I could justify the purchase. (Particularly as after currency conversion and shipping it was rather expensive landed in Australia.) Its funny though how often my eyes are drawn to the Rifter sitting on top of my bookcase, and I am really pleased with the book. I’ve spent a couple hours flipping through. It has been more than just a summary of the game history, it constantly reminded me of the 7 year journey I’ve had with EVE. I know such a recommendation is a bit airy-fairy, but for me personally, I am happy that I purchased it.

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