October Done

I post these for myself as a way of measuring and tracking what I am doing in game.


Game Hours & Play

It has been an odd month for EVE. I’ve spent a lot more time than usual reading about it and much less time than usual undocked. Generally there were several days between each trade update, and only a couple PI cycles completed.



I have 1 Main and 8 Alt Characters. 1 Alt supports my Main, 2 are used for Industry, 1 a Scout, 3 for Price Checking, and 1 for this blog.



A change of approach this month and going forward. I will use jEveAssets to track my rough overall financial position across all Characters and my Corporation. I will note what proportion of each category is currently sitting against my Main and my Corporation.

20.8B Wallets

. 7.9B Main
. 12.3B Corp


31.2B Assets

. 18.1B Main
. 7.7B Corp


53.7B Total Approximate Wealth

Industry / Trade Details

I made around 400M last month, which I was surprised by given how little time I spent around my Industry Corp. Much of that would relate to efforts from previous months slowly selling off. I know most of my available EVE time was spent in other areas, but I am also feeling a bit worn out with trading at the moment.

Competition remained fairly high – with one main opposition for a fair majority of what I trade, and several others active in smaller subsets. My lack of daily updates is showing, with often only a handful of buy’s achieved each day.



Account 1 (Main) – 133M SP. Trained all Science Skills to at least Rank III, worked through a number of the construction skills, and improved all my Neurotoxin skills to Rank IV. I am just about to finish off Anchoring V, and after 3 ranks in Starbase Defense, I have a long train for Astrometric Rangefinding V.

Account 2 (Main Alt) – 125M SP. Trained Information Warfare Specialist V and Wing Commander IV – effectively finishing off the Leadership set as far as I will take it. (Only Wing Commander V remains and I can’t really justify that for solo play! I am just working on some Large Laser Turret skills for the Custom Office Takedown.

Account 3 (Industry Alt 1) – 42M SP. No Training
Account 3 (Industry Alt 2) – 11M SP. The main core of training was on the Shield set, getting everything non-capital to rank IV, and Shield Operation to V. Otherwise there was a shotgun pattern approach, picking up lots of skills to rank II or III. (Currently it is the four Sensor Compensation skills being worked on.)



I’ll note these in a separate post from now on.

2 thoughts on “October Done

    • I’ve been doing a monthly review for quite a while now – I find it interesting to occasionally go back through them to see my progress (or lack of). I am also regularly changing my goals in EVE – or more truthfully I guess, I have more goals than my free time would allow me to achieve. By noting them down here I tend to be a little more focused, and I tend not to forget as many of them. 🙂

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