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My post the other week about playing EVE solo struck a chord with some readers. It seems I am not alone in feeling defensive about how our game style gets disparaged.

I have not always played EVE solo. I started out regularly fleeting with real life friends, and I’ve spent 3 of my 7 years as a Capsuleer in Sovereignty and NPC 0.0 based Player Alliances. I’ve had a little patch of space which was “ours”, I’ve watched Station Eggs being planted, done a flyby of an Alliance’s first Titan, and been part of fleet battles that actually mattered.

Truth be told, many of my more memorable experiences in EVE are those things which I could not have accomplished as a fleet of one. In effect, this blog is all about a play style which tends to exclude you from some of the coolest content of the game.

As such, to get as much out of EVE as we can, I think it is particularly important for Solo Players to ensure they don’t play an isolated game.

Make sure you pay attention to the formal information put out by CCP on their websites, from the news feed as you log in, the Dev Blogs as they are released, and the Patch notes:


Spend a bit of time and find half a dozen EVE blogs to follow. The most obvious one in my mind to start with is Jester’s Trek:


Ignore the bias and the comment sections, and follow one or both of the EVE News Sites:


Ignore the angst, obnoxiousness, and general lack of maturity, and follow some of the EVE Forums available. I would not recommend reading them all, but selective reading of War & Politics on Failheap Challenge, or EVE Online Uncensored on Kugutsumen, or the Features & Ideas Discussion on the EVE forums can all be worth keeping a track of: (these are English forums, but there are other large forums in various different languages)


Make use of Social Media – the EVE Online Facebook feed can flag interesting articles to read, as can following the appropriate hash tags on twitter:


The thing about all of the above is that you don’t actually need to step in and be involved. You can just sit back and observe anonymously.

Just be warned it is not always easy to follow some of these information sources. You need to work on your ability to accept trolling and stupidity, rants and raves, and understand the integrity of what you read is usual suspect. But – as you piece things together, I think you end up with a better perspective on the game environment, and a richer game experience.

You will likely end up being better informed and less isolated than Null Sec Doctrine Ship Flyer number #639.

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