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I’ve been playing with jEveAssets after I noticed Jester mention it recently.  I don’t have an opinion on if it is better or not in comparison to its competition, but I will say it seems very quick.


I’m finding it rather interesting.  For instance I currently have 297 ship hulls across my accounts. You can remove 2 Rookie ships, a capsule, 87 standard shuttles, and 19 frigates which are manufacturing ingredients. That still leaves 188, and while not all of them are fitted, that still seems like an awful lot. It is made up of:

4 Assault Frigate
3 Battleship
4 Blockade Runner
2 Carrier
7 Combat Battlecruiser
1 Combat Recon Ship
1 Command Ship
6 Covert Ops
10 Cruiser
1 Deep Space Transport
11 Destroyer
4 Electronic Attack Ship
2 Exhumer
7 Force Recon Ship
57 Frigate
24 Industrial
5 Industrial Command Ship
11 Interceptor
1 Interdictor
9 Mining Barge
3 Prototype Exploration Ship
4 Stealth Bomber
5 Strategic Cruiser

A great many however are Carebear / Support hulls, such as the 23 Probe frigates set up for Cyno’s, and the 10 Wreathe Industrials (my go to choice for hauling now).  I now know I have 773 BPO valued at 4.1B (if they were not researched). I have a further 1,422 BPC. I oddly have 18 pieces of apparel (since I don’t use them). I have 1.4M Charges and 1,165 drones. I also have a total of 3,428 modules! There are 91 cloaking devices, 92 Damage Control, 95 Navigation Rigs, 104 Shield Hardeners, 121 Shield Amplifiers, 133 Nanofiber Internal Structures, 148 Shield Extenders, 179 Expanded Cargo Modules and 186 Propulsion modules.
I am generally well organised in game and every asset has its place – or so I thought. In looking though all the various reports I keep finding things I had forgotten about. For example, I thought I had one Falcon which my Alt is currently reconfiguring in Jita for use in Low Sec. However JEveAsset informs me I actually have 4 of them – an extra one in a container I had forgotten about, and one in each of my two mothballed Carriers.

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