CCP blinked and missed an opportunity

Mabrick’s thoughts on the SOMERblink scandal are worth a read here:

I can agree with many of his sentiments.

I get the feeling however – aside the influence of Toy Poppy Syndrome, that SOMERblink wasn’t really the problem.  I’m not sure the game is measurably better for the rule clarifications.  This seemed more like just another excuse for a section of the community to rage / hate on CCP again.  CCP’s newly stated stance won’t placate these people.  They will just be searching even harder for the next excuse to attack.

2 thoughts on “CCP blinked and missed an opportunity

  1. Amen. I had to Google what “tall poppy syndrome” meant but that’s a pretty apt description. Sometimes I think it must be such a horrible job being a community dev at CCP (despite having wonderful looking offices as shown in the USB Rifter video), it’s like having to placate 2 year olds every single day.

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