Glad that fit did not appear on a killboard

I ran the last stage of an escalation in Low Sec today, earning around 60M for the effort and risk. I used a quickly thrown together and somewhat strangely fit Pilgrim, but it managed to have both the required tank and DPS to get the job done.

(I don’t ever recall fitting two Large Capacitor Batteries to a ship before..)

I generally ignore the Escalations into Low Sec. It might seem strange to someone who lives there, but it is annoying to have to jump into a cheaper clone, and historically the drops have not been commensurate for the risk or effort. This time however I figured if I plan on spending some of my life in Low Sec, I need to start familiarising myself with the process again.

The various zones of EVE all have very different idiosyncrasies, but I think you have to pay particular attention to this in Low Sec. Faction Warfare space is different to the target rich Choke points and mission hubs that attract Pirates which is different to the Capital staging systems which is different to the quiet backwaters.

I’m hoping I’ve picked one of the quiet backwaters.

4 thoughts on “Glad that fit did not appear on a killboard

  1. First off, i found your blog this morning, really interesting stuff. I’m glad to see more advocates for the time starved ‘solo’ capsuleer. With a fulltime job, fulltime uni, a startup business and a partner who hates comms my small gang playstyle has now become solo by necessity.

    More to the point, how are you finding the quieter parts of lowsec? I’d love to hear anything on the profitability as I rarely escape the fw zones (which is a meat grinder for low sp and incompetent pilot).

    • Welcome to the blog. While I’ve lived in Low Sec before (out of a POS for a while in a very quiet backwater), I haven’t spent any appreciably time there since Faction Warfare and some of the resource changes came into play. I’m still in the process of moving supplies and some clones into the area I want to explore – which is in Genesis. I’ll be sure to post on my experiences.

  2. As bad or worse: did you know that with 4 cargohold expanders, a Tengu can get 1000m3 and launch a planetary commander center? I am glad that one didn’t show up either. I know that killboard fits get mocked endlessly, but sometimes you make do with what you have at the time.

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