And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire

CCP ran a live event in the lead up to the Rubicon release. Pilots were called to either attack or defend two Null Sec Pirate locations.

I like the idea of live events, but I could already envision what would happen on this one. A large number of Empire dwellers would group up in unmanaged kitchen sink fleets and trip over themselves getting into Null, where they would meet the disciplined, experienced and prepared pirate supporters, where they would be absolutely slaughtered.

All might not be lost however – if the Empire dwellers had a few good FC’s and a couple core organised groups, they at least might have some fun.

But they didn’t.

This is the main feedback thread:

There are also additional shorter threads in the EVE Communication Center section of the forums:

Jester summarises the event here:

What can you say?  Wow. Just wow.

4 thoughts on “And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire

    • If this was a Lore based event – giving Capsuleers a reason to start rebelling against the Empires, then they were successful. What they also did was show 1,000+ Empire players just how the game in Null Sec can be no fun at all. That seems an odd thing to troll your player base with.

    • I don’t believe this was intentional at all. I think that CCP tried to do something cool, but did it halfway with little thought. This is typical of CCP’s efforts as of late. As usual, the hype was much better than the delivered product.

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