Starting my Low Sec Exploration in High Sec

My EVE time has been less than optimal these last few weeks. After six months of respite our 4 year old Daughter has returned to the worst of her tantrum throwing ways. She has been an obnoxious, self-destructive horror, and there has been very little downtime left after constantly dealing with her.

Today I had a few quiet hours to myself, so decided to use it in EVE to further my goal of making a Low-Sec Base for myself. I am starting that process in Hi-Sec.

The system I have chosen to stage my Orca and main supplies from has immediate access to two small Low-Sec pockets. Nearby are two further and much larger Low-Sec areas that have links into more space in different regions. That should give me enough scope.

I moved a Jump Clone for my Main Alt here the other day, along with a Bling fit Falcon. Today I moved in a Jump Clone for my Main. I have been trying (and failing) to come up with some fitted ships for this endeavor, so the Orca I docked in was mostly empty. Not ideal, but I wasn’t sure when I would next have the opportunity to move it, and after Rubicon the process would take much longer.


Ready to undock

While here I started out by bookmarking scout positions over each gate, asteroid belt and station. I also watched the locals, which so far have been a handful of Carebear types coming and going, and one active looking PVP Corporation with plenty of kills in the nearby Low Sec systems. I flagged them as -5, as it is apparent they hunt any targets of opportunity.

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