I need to decide on several ship hulls to run Blood Raider combat sites, both in Hi and Low-Sec. I need both Frigate and Cruiser sized. It isn’t a faction I have dealt with much. I know their bag of tricks includes energy drain and some tracking disruption. It is the energy drain I am not too certain about.

I’ve used a Gila on some of the High Sec DED sites I have run, and plan to use that again. I’m not sure about the tactics people use in sites that only allow frigates. A buffer shield tanked Ishkur? Do you even take into consideration the Neuts, and instead just keep range and kite? Any one have a view on what’s considered the best option, particularly for Low Sec?

I was back in my home system picking up fittings.  Spent a day on and off in EFT, and didn’t come up with anything I was particularly enthused about.

3 thoughts on “Blood

  1. There are so few neuts in the lowend frig sites you can use pretty much anything, an active tank Hawk sails through them despite having inappropriate damage/resists. A Shield Ishtar works well enough for the lowsec sites although its DPS is kinda sad.

    Apparently its possible to active tank through lowsec blood sites with enough batteries/rechargers but no one ever seems to offer the numbers/fits. Given Minor Blood Annex is just… horrible it would be interesting to see.

    • For the highsec frig sites, almost any assualt frigate will do. I have used the wolf and the hawk and they both do fine. For the rest of the hisec sites, I have used a Drake and Tengu (before they couldn’t do 4.0’s anymore). I imagine a Gila would do fine. The Blood 4/10 (Monastary) has a ton of neuting cruisers, but they only have about 9km range so you can kite them quite easily.

      For the low end lowsec site Provisional Outpost, you want something with an MWD and a lot of range. The spawn waves are about 100-120km away so it will take you a long time to finish it in a slow brawling ship. The Outpost is fairly easy, a Gila or Strat Cruiser or battlecruiser could do it.

      The Blood 5/10 and 6/10 require a pretty solid tank. Over 600 bloods dps tank is needed for the last room of the 5/10. The 6/10 boss reps significantly so about 500 EM dps is needed to break his tank. Both sites have some neuting, but you can usually kite them. I have guides up on my blog.

      I will post a guide and fit for the blood minor annex sometime this week (hopefully). It has some signifcant neuting (and webbing) on warp-in. The Blood Annex also has some neuting, but is more avoidable. Like the vigil, it has EM forcefields and stasis towers that have to be taken out before anything else. A Gila or Tengu can handle it.

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