Thrown Spanners

The last few weeks have been extra busy with travel, social events, and the previously mentioned tantrum throwing four year old. On top of that both my wife and I have had some turbulence on the job front. I got some extra job security and more work when the other person in my team with a similar skillset was retrenched. My wife got 72 hours of work a week allocated to her for the next 9 months. She point out to her manager that she does 32 hours a week, and that he would need to move some of her tasks. He did, but he was furious that she did not just do the work. It has left us reviewing the longevity of our careers, and thinking about what lifestyle would actually make us happiest. In the meanwhile we both have even less free time.

I expect my Trade and PI endeavours will be undergoing a hiatus. I will update things sporadically, but there will be no real focus on them. I will put my mini mission running resurgence on hold. I don’t plan on having any goals in that area. I will continue my Wormhole exploration, but finding a few hours of uninterrupted spare time won’t be easy. For the most part I just plan to focus on exploration and my Low Sec adventures – the process will just be slower.

I want to thank the comments on my last post about Blood Raiders, and in particular the EVE-Mail I received from a player with valuable insight to the Genesis Low Sec areas. Very much appreciated. It seems that NPC neuting is handled by keeping range and having a buffer fit tank with a single repper. It doesn’t matter much what you use in Hi-Sec.

Funny enough I already had prepared a rather expensively fit passively tanked Hawk for use in the Empire Blood Raiders PVE. It seems somewhat pointless now, but I’ll give it a spin anyway.

It took 4 days of sporadic sessions, but I made it back to my current Genesis base of operations with my first load of fittings, including some mining ships. I’m now sitting in Jita setting up some extra hulls.


Bookmarking station undocks

One thought on “Thrown Spanners

  1. That sounds unfortunate, hope you get some more free time soon. Our son will be 4 in a couple of weeks, but thankfully he’s much less prone to tantrums (unless he wakes up in the middle of the night and starts screaming about some stuff that no one can understand).

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