Twitched on

I watched the recent recording of the latest CCP Twitch TV show covering the Rubicon expansion. There wasn’t much discussed that isn’t already out in Dev blogs, but it was done with CCP’s usual amateurish charm and I found it worthwhile.

They reiterated on the fact they would be building feature sets over multiple expansions, while also ensuring they take care of the game we already have. They mentioned wanting to work on features in a way that it was available and used by multiple play styles. They also reminded that while on the surface some of the changes might seem limited, they will make it easier to add more richness to future releases. The code that is underlying the mobile deployable structures for example has been written so that new and varied options can now be more readily created and added to the game.

They noted that the Rapid Light launchers that I tend to use on my PVE cruisers are being changed, something I had not picked up. In effect they will do a massive amount of DPS for 40 odd seconds, and then take 40 seconds to reload. Interesting in PVP, but not so much in how I use them. I will likely need to make some fitting changes.

They also showed the Rubicon Trailer for the first time (I didn’t mind it), and they made an effort to push player meets, which I thought was great.

You can see the whole thing here:

It seems to me that this expansion has an odd vibe about it. There isn’t really a big “Wow” feature to get excited over, and depending on how you play the game, there might be next to no impact on you at all. Having said that, they are throwing new toys out into the sandpit, and the consequences and game play changes could be huge for other players.

Overall I am looking forward to it. There seem to be multiple areas of interest that can enhance my play style.

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