Fortuitously for EVE, I’ve been sick this weekend. Instead of doing chores and errands, I’ve mostly just sat around feeling sad and sorry for myself; at my computer; with EVE running.

I finished off bookmarking the closest low sec pocket. I’ve covered 5 systems so far with 79 bookmarks.


The local POCO landlords seem to be active across all time zones, but tend to be at their most quiet when I am active. I see them roving around the pocket looking for targets. They are usually in Cruisers and Battlecruisers, with a Fraction Frigate or two sniffing about. They also often have a cloaking Hull (Stealth Bombers and T3) close by.

They have recruited a number of pilots recently. I’ve seen these newer players mining, running PI or ratting. I’ve had opportunities to hunt them if I wished, which I didn’t. It will be an avenue to explore if that Corp ends up griefing me too heavily.

Aside the POCO landlords, the population is fairly sparse. One of the systems appears to be used for staging capitals, or more likely given its location, as a Cyno chain midpoint. It does not look to be overly busy. Otherwise there are a few Explorers, an Industrialist or two, and a handful of Pirates (who often have to sidestep and dice with the landlords).

The last system I bookmarked had a string of reinforced POCO. The timings were fairly close together, suggesting a large group attacking them, or the use of Capitals. I’ll have to check back in a few days to see what Corporation replaced them. I am presuming the local landlords.

It looks like I should be able to get some stuff done in that pocket, although I am going to be interrupted lots.

I then mined for a little while, before scanning down the three signatures in the home system.

I ran a Data site for 2.6M ISK worth of loot.

I ran a Relic site for 6.7M ISK worth of loot.

I found a Wormhole to another Hi-Sec system just 5 jumps from Jita.

I grabbed the Orca and set out to fill in some of the gaps in my hanger. I grabbed some modules and supplies that I had listed down as needing. I setup two Ventures for use in Low-Sec. I set up a Hi-Sec scanning Buzzard, and an alternative PVE Assault Frigate (Ishkur). I also grabbed two hulls for ratting in Low Sec, an Arbitrator and a Pilgrim. (I noticed several of the special tag rats during my bookmarking. It might be worth shooting those when I get the chance.)

I then returned via the Wormhole – saving myself more than 30 jumps on that round trip.

I ran an Anomaly that had subsequently turned up on my overview in the Ishkur. A fun little ship that I might use for the basic stuff, and leave the better tanked Hawk for the minor DED sites. That earnt me a couple more Mil. My loot container is currently worth around 17M ISK.  Small change, but it should add up over time.

Finally I returned to Jita via the Wormhole to fit up my second Stealth Bomber. The first is an anti-exploration fit, the second is more for support with Damps.

While moving gear I noticed half a dozen pilots from another one of the Alliances common to the area coming into my home system. They had a couple Corp freighters out and a Falcon. I wonder what they were up to? I’ll probably never know. At least the pilots in the area seem to generally be active.


Bring a Nemesis home from Jita. A great looking ship.

3 thoughts on “Sick

    • I’m not sure my organisation method is especially good. In the image above I have my Belt, Gate, Station and Undock bookmarks kept in separate folders. I find this reduces confusion and mistakes when you are trying to find something quickly while under pressure. The L at the start indicates they are low sec bookmarks. I also use E for Empire, W for Wormhole, and N for Null Sec. I try to keep the bookmarks themselves relatively short – for Belt bookmarks (as shown) it is simply “B “. For Gates it will be “GT “. For Stations “Stn ” and so on. I rely on the overview only showing me what is in system, or sorting my bookmark lists by system name. I made 28 odd bookmarks for the system I was in just covering each belt. 😦

      • Foolishly I used the greater than / smaller than symbols in my reply, and they were truncated out. For belts it is “B Planet Moon DistanceFrom”, for gates it is “GT Name DistanceFrom”, for Stations it is “Stn Planet Moon DistanceFrom” and so on.

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