Where Rubicon is going

There was an interview posted yesterday with David Reid, the Chief Marketing Officer at CCP.


It outlines the direction Rubicon is going, which is player created Star Gates leading into a new area of unexplored space.  The tools required for this will be found in Ghost sites, and the process will need a large amount of team work and time to create.

It is not unexpected, and is certainly an interesting idea.

Now we don’t have details, and CCP plans on having it so that the players need to work some things out for themselves.  On the surface it would seem to be something that gives Veteran players and Alliances something to work towards.

I wonder what sort of involvement a solo player can have – aside selling off resources that you might gather through ghost sites.  The beauty of wormholes was that the solo player could go explore on day one.  I suspect with this the solo player won’t have access until enough player gates are created, and wealth plundered, that the entrances are no longer strongly guarded and we can sneak in.  That of course remains to be seen.


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