And 1 makes 4

7 of 9 Interbus Customs Offices in my home system had been replaced when I logged in this morning. I looked through the list and realised there where two Gas planets left. Hold on – I thought there were only two, and that they had been taken? I need my eyes tested.

Owning a Gas POCO gave me more options with my PI output, so I checked the price of the Customs Gantry and upgrade supplies locally, in Amarr, and in Jita. I undocked the two Domi’s and started on one of the remaining CO’s while I flew my Alt to Jita to buy everything needed to plant my fourth POCO.

The whole process took 100 minutes, and now 8 of the 9 planets are player controlled.

I’d like to see CCP release some stats on how many POCO have gone up in Empire. Zkillboard has recorded very roughly around 2,000 odd Interbus Customs Offices being destroyed (in all security zones) since Rubicon was released, with a total of almost 23,000 killed.

I think that will be my last one. I guess the next step is to fully review all my PI infrastructure and move / adjust everything to use my own planets, or to launch output into space. That will be quite a job.

Meanwhile I’ve grabbed two of the new BPO (want one more), and started training Customs Code Expertise on four of my toons.

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