That moment

That moment when you Right Click a stack of Ship fittings and select repackage – and somehow include 9 Station Containers of almost all your neatly sorted and filed away assets. Now they are all in the item hanger. All together.

The most difficult effort in separating them again?  Trying to  identify what goes in the Cosmos container.

2 thoughts on “That moment

  1. Use those station containers that include an audit log. They won’t let you repackage them until they been empty for 2 weeks which is a pain in the arse when you trying to packup and move, but it does mean you basically never repackage them by mistake.

    • That stopped 2 of my 11 Station Containers from repackaging. The other 9 had nothing written to their logs for 2 (or was it 4?) weeks, so repackaged happily, spilling their contents. That is a tip though – if you want to empty a Container, repackage it if you can.

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