From the pointless and mundane, a list of any (and I mean any) EVE related task I’ve scribed down for myself. Again this is just for myself. Note many come from reading release notes.


. Review Medium LR turrets (Rails, Beams & Artillery) [PART]
. Review Active Tanks after Armor Repair & Shield Boost increases [PART]
. Consider T2 Mindlink Purchases [DONE]
. Review new HACs and Command Ships [PART]


. Identify Target Planets for POCO [DONE]
. Anchor 1-3 POCO for Corp [DONE]
. Revisit the fittings on the Interceptors I use as Shuttles [PART]
. Buy Large Rapid Launcher BPO?
. Review Rattlesnake Fitting to see if Rapid Launcher an option [DONE]
. Source / Stock some Depots [DONE]
. Source / Stock some Siphons
. Buy and fit a number of SoE Frigates [PART]
. Buy and fit a number of SoE Cruisers [PART]
. Check overview settings to see if I need to add Mobile Units [DONE]
. Buy Mobile Depot BPO (1M) [DONE]
. Buy Small Mobile Siphon Unit BPO (10M)
. Buy Mobile Tractor Unit BPO (30M) [DONE]
. Test scanning down Mobile Structures with combat probes [PART]
. Identify the blast damage done by Ghost Sites in Hi-Sec, Low-Sec and WH. Tank for Explosive?
. Buy and train new skill Customs Code Expertise on Main, Main Alt, and Trade Alts x2 [DONE]
. Glance at the new Certificate System – anything obvious missing? [PART]
. Check ship mastery details for pilots and their favorite ships [DONE]
. Check out the Ship Identification System [DONE]
. Add Compare tool to Neocom on all toons and check any updates [DONE]
. Use drag and drop from ISIS to Compare tool [DONE]
. Test out Interceptor and Transport Ship warp times – change any standard ships? [PART]
. Save basic fleet setups for Main and Main Alt
. Check out new gate sound and effects on jump in and out [DONE]
. Note DirectX 11 now supported – check card drivers are up to date [DONE]
. Review all Exploration fit hulls – for use with mobile structure refitting service [PART]
. Review my Sentinel Fit
. Review the fits on the various Interceptors I have
. Review the fits on the Interdictor I have
. Review all fits using Rapid Light Missile Launchers
. Check out align option on scanned down anomolies and signitures with D-Scan


. Run L4 Missions for SoE in Osmon? [PREPARED]
. Review all Clone Implant sets [PART]
. Source / Stock some Personal Hangers (is there a BPO?)
. Check what BPO I am missing
. Look into manufacturing Nanite Repair Paste
. Set up a Low Sec base of operations [PART]
. Continue Wormhole Trip
. Continue Exploration
. Continue Trade
. Keep an eye on the skills missing on the Main Toon
. Think about trying some of the other race Cosmos Sites

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