In the effort to combat a couple of unproductive EVE Sessions I resolved to tackle whatever was next on my Rubicon To-Do List. At the time it was:

. Check overview settings to see if I need to add Mobile Units

That elicited an involuntary groan of despair. It turned out I did need to add the Mobile Units, which meant I had to finesse the Overview settings on my Main. That always takes an age. I then have to transfer them to the three other Toons who regularly undock, at which point I inevitably find areas that need to be improved. I don’t think I’ve ever got them “perfect”.

I try to keep things simple by limiting the number of groupings.


Bare – My default overview, used for Travel and easy D-Scan checks. It basically covers ships, rats, stations, gates and a few Celestial / charges / deployable items that you want to know about when moving around.

Mine – A cut down version of the Bare overview with Asteroids added. I tend to only use this for warp in locations as I generally do my mining off the Survey Scanner results.

NPC – Covers your requirements in any PVE activity

Objects – Basically any object you can find in space is displayed. This can be useful to toggle in the middle of PVE content.

PI – Bare + Custom Offices

POS – Bare + POS objects

PVP – Set up for Solo or Small Fleet PVP

PVP-allies – As PVP, but without drones and fleet / corp / alliance members shown

Run-to – Every moon, planet, custom office station and gate

WH – A cross between Bare and PVP, with wrecks and some POS items included.

I wish there were more than 5 tab’s allowed in the Overview. I know there was a method to do this in the past, but I believe it no longer works. I could do with 7 or 8 tabs. As it is I have to change things when I spend time in WH space. I tend to use:

Base; PVP; NPC; WH; Various (Objects)

In wormhole space it is:

Base, PVP, POS, WH, Various (Run-To)

I use the Various Tab to swap in and out different overviews, depending on the situation I am in.

I also saw a combat video recently where the HUD was positions close to the Overview tab. It makes sense and you move the mouse less (important when you run large resolution screens), so here is my new “Overview”.



4 thoughts on “Overview

  1. Yes I know there is identifying information in that screen capture – there almost always is in the overviews I post. My in game toons have been rather easy to find since I created the Alliance earlier this year so I am not overly diligent in that regard any more.

    • There’s an option menu to the bottom right of the HUD – amongst the choices is to align the HUD to the top of the screen. You can then just move it by clicking and holding your mouse button down on the capacitor status circle and shifting it to the left or right.

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