Wormholes and known space

I had the Stratios out again across a number of sessions running Hi-Sec exploration sites. Towards the end of my last session I ran Sansha Vigil – which triggered the True Power Shipyards escalation. I crisscrossed Hi-Sec until I was given the final site in Low Sec.

I grabbed my Pilgrim again – this time making the effort to fix up the fit. I ended up with a Mobile Deport and supplies to allow me to Scan, Rat, PVP, run lesser combat sites and escalations, and repair drones out in Low or Null Sec.

Before I set out to Low Sec I also had to set up a new cheap Jump Clone as my others were being used elsewhere.

Finally – after well over an hour of preparation I was ready to run the final site of the escalation. Now where was it – 8 jumps away and in… oh, that’s no good. I recognized the area and the stats confirmed my suspicions. It was very active and it would be highly unlikely I could get the site done without being scanned down.

All dressed up and with nowhere to go I remembered I had found a Wormhole to Null Sec earlier in the day. I decided to go check that out. I found myself all alone in a system in Tenerifis with SBU’s onlining. There were no sites to run, so I went through the belts to confirm the fit had no issue with ratting and killing Battleships. As a consolation price I earnt 15M ISK for not much work.


I returned to Empire and docked up for Downtime.

A little later I returned again via the same wormhole. The SBU’s had onlined but the system was still empty. (Aside a visitor from Empire who came via the same wormhole – who stayed for a minute in a Kestrel then left.) There were two new signatures, which the Pilgrim comfortably scanned down as a Data and a Relic site. I’ve never run these mini-game versions in Null Sec before, so I figured I would give them a shot.

It obviously required a lot more effort than in Empire, starting with setting up bookmark perches above each site so I could hide without it despawning, and warp out and back in to each container instead of slow boating. I managed to access all 9 cans across both sites – although failed on 5 of them the first time through. So that was 14 mini games. It requires a lot more thought and frankly – luck. On several occasions I found the system core but would have to go looking for utilities to be able to tackle it. Other times I just kept finding too many Restoration nodes or Virus Suppressors.

Given the hull does not have exploration bonuses, and I haven’t fit rigs to help in the mini game, I am pleased overall with how it all went.  I came away with 41M ISK in loot from the second visit to the system.

I have found that the wormholes to known space have really added interest to my game – from getting to trade hubs quicker, resupplying distant bases, doing a partial datacore run, making use of a cache of exploration sites, or visiting Low and Null sec areas I would never have got to see otherwise.  I like the randomness to them – how they can shape and totally change the direction of your EVE session. Even if you only spend a couple minutes on the other side and gape at the nebula before returning, I think they have really added something to the game.

Meanwhile I almost always ignore the ready access to wormhole space. I guess this comes down to being a solo player – but there are far less resource gathering options to be had. It would be interesting to have some lesser relic or data sites that don’t spawn sleepers. They don’t have to be particularly profitable, just something different enough to encourage more day tripping.  If not that – something else that isn’t worth the while of the locals, but feed them visitors from Empire.

10 thoughts on “Wormholes and known space

  1. Good read. I must get me one of those SOE ships, as they sound pretty fun. I haven’t done much in the way of exploration since I had to vacate W- space, but I’m going to try to get back into it. There’ve been a few things, like the Stratios and the Mobile Depot, that have spiked my interest in exoration again. Are you still dabbling in the market? How’s that going for you? I won’t ask for specifics, but have you made any good ISK around the Retribution expansion? With all the new, shiny stuff that came with it, I can’t imagine you were idle :-).

    • I’ve done next to no trading over the last couple months – Real life has gotten even busier and my EVE time has shrunk further. I will continue when I get the chance, but I have been using whatever spare EVE time I have to undock and play with the Rubicon features instead. I wouldn’t recommend exploration in and around Empire for older players when it comes to ISK generation. I enjoy it because it suits a solo play style, I like the randomness of drops and the fact you can end up in all corners of New Eden via Wormholes. I do wish there were more Hi-Sec to Null-Sec holes though.

    • I presume the suggestion has been made in the deployable thread half a dozen times already. Not a fan of the idea. Using a cargo scanner means you get the good loot 90% of the time – but it is a silly mechanic designed (I assume) just to make you easier to ambush while you are concentrating on it.

  2. Thanks that was very useful. I am a solo player too for very similar reasons. Started a cash base with PI, currently perfextioning L4 mission running. After that I will finally come to the less-income-but-fun-exploration aspect which you outlined here so nicely. Looking forward to it. I wonder if I can use a BS. The Nestor seems to be exactly what I imagined for this purpose. Again, looking very much forward to it.

    • I personally don’t envision using a BS for exploration. There is no use for it in Empire, and when you visit Low or Null sec you want something that cloaks, is quick, and has a chance of escaping pursuit. I am guessing the main use for the Nestor will be for people deep in Null, surrounded by blues, and protected by intel channels.

      • I’m not too interested in the Nestor right now either for exploration. It seems to be designed for WH use, with a low mass and spider tanking setup. For my purposes a plain old Dominix would outperform it in almost every way.

      • Yes, everybody is saying this. But why not a prototype cloak, or the caldari issue of it? No cloak while warping should be not so much a problem, however, critical is the aligning time. A sniper drone setup should do as nicely as with a Dominix, screw the laser bonus. Main issue is the huge financial loss you would have as opposed to a Dominix.

        Another question, could you post your setup of the Pilgrim you use? Would give me an idea about the inventory required.

      • A solo battleship just doesn’t align or warp fast enough to move around in Low or Null sec with any sort of safety Estrel. You’ll be hunted down as soon as someone notices you.

        I’ll post the Pilgrim fit when I get a chance.

  3. Thanks! My play style would be to rat and explore get the hell out and cloak up at a safe spot if there is suspicious activity in local. I also hope that the usual solo hunter cruiser setup might have difficulties vs a properly-fit BS. Same as with a covert ops cruiser, except I skip the pvp offensive part of picking a fight, for what I imagined the covert ops has its strength. The only problem is said longer align time. Isnt alignment and acceleration linked to mass, and the Nestor is supposed to be low mass? Well, anyways, I suppose I should test this style of play with a cheaper Dominix, first…

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