Piece of PI

All planets in my home system now have Player Owned Custom Offices – 4 of them my own. I’m not sure how common having them all replaced is in other areas.

Most of the POCO in the system and within 1 jump have Player export tax rates of between 5 and 10%. This is made up of a small number between 5 and 6%, and most between 9 and 10%. With the NPC component for me of 6% added, export costs are generally between 11 and 16%. In other words – the cost of doing PI in Empire has on average increased in my area.

My POCO, with their tax rate of 3.5%, are the lowest of those I’ve checked.

The tax income from my POCO over the first few weeks has been sporadic. There was a bit of a rush in the first few days and I made about 20M from the first week. There was almost nothing the next week and I would have earnt less than 5M. The third week was more active, with around 30M earnt. I’m not sure if people have moved onto my planets from the more expensive alternatives, or if this just happens to be how people operate where I live.

I’ve had no one approach asking for standings or special deals on tax rates.

It has taken me three weeks to get enough time (and the inclination) to complete the first full iteration of my new PI Chain.

Previously I used 12 planet installations across two Alts, extracting and processing 12,000 units respectively of Chiral Structures, Precious Metals, Toxic Metals and Reactive Metals into 450+ units of Robotics every two days. The process was well balanced – I only extracted what I needed so I was not paying tax on goods I just stockpiled.

Each of my Alts now have 2 planet installations that they launch into space from – paying 15% tax, but bypassing the Player CO. I also have 6 more planet installations using my own POCO, with 2 still be to decide upon. My current extraction volumes are:

9,300 Chiral Structures
13,500 Precious Metals
9,500 Toxic Metals
13,500 Reactive Metals


Picking up from containers launched into space will be more common in future

There isn’t too much of an option to increase the Chiral and Toxic volumes, so my second iteration is probably going to be to lower the volumes to around 9,000 of each. (So a 25% reduction in the volume of Robotics I was producing in comparison to before Rubicon.) I will have spare capacity however to make something else. I already do Coolant, so I could certainly do more of that.  It has been a slow process.

Oh – I saw my first ghost site on overview. It was gone within 2 minutes of me noticing.  I managed to log my main in and grab a suitable ship, but it disappeared as I undocked.

5 thoughts on “Piece of PI

  1. Its okay. Some of us have great spouses. I turned around and asked him to buy and setup my blog domain and he did utnin five minutes. He’s still finding my corp inviting him to play other games weird thou. They have his steam name. 🙂

    • Not trying to dismiss the efforts of your other half, but I have some possibly bad news for you. When my wife asks me to upgrade or buy new technology for her I tend to jump immediately at the task. When she asks me to do such things as organising some work in the garden, it tend to take a fair bit longer to get around to it… 😉

      (I’ve been wondering why people have been commenting on the wrong blog post at times – but then realised with the blog colours the header of the following post could look like the footer of the post they wanted to remark on. I changed the colour a little to hopefully make the distinction clearer.)

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