I told my wife I had set up my fourth EVE Online Account.

Her response – a few words, half shrug, slight smile, can be summed up as “That’s nice dear; did you want a cup of Tea?”

Not – how much did that cost? Or – does that mean you are going to spend even more time on that game!?

I know I should be thankful, but I am left wondering if maybe she isn’t paying quite enough attention to what I say. That was underlined when she made me a cup of Tea after I had said no thanks.


I’ve created a 60 day account with the code that came with the EVE Second Decade Collector’s edition box. I’m going to train up a Basic Scanning Alt that I can leave in Wormholes. In two months I will move it onto one of my other accounts. Meanwhile I am doing some of the Tutorial for the interest of it.

5 thoughts on “Listening

  1. My wife not only listens to me, but she usually takes what I say out of context, and turns it around on me. I’ve resorted to not talking to her unless absolutely necessary. Even then, I will try to “grunt” what I need, simply to stay out of the dog house. Do you realize, Mr. Hermit, how good you have it?

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