Little bits

My EVE time is being slammed, so I’m just going to clear some of the short scraps in my Blog notes.

. Corporation Faction standings – important for Anchoring POS, providing access to Empire Jump Clones and such, are calculated from the average standings of its members where they are non-zero. Generally if you want to add a new Alt to your own Corp it is best for them to have no Faction standings at all. To ensure that – do not run the Tutorial Career Missions for interest sake.


Oops – I forgot about that, the Exploration Career Missions cost more than expected.

. TwitchTV integration has been added to the EVE client. I have FRAPS, but thought this might be easier to use – until I read this in the patch notes: “The resolutions available are fixed and will alter the size of your client when you start the stream”. It makes sense, and I don’t know why I didn’t just presume that.


The maximum Twitch resolution


The resolution I play at

I don’t want to update my screen layout every time I use twitch, so the option is off the table.

. Wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to Hack Null Sec gates – to either get a snapshot of what is on the other side of the gate, or delay the updating of local when you jump through? Add some mechanisms for the system owners to make the process more difficult with upgrades, and I think you would have an interesting game mechanic.

. I’ve been amused that some of the people cheering the Interceptor changes for making it easier for catch other pilots; are now crying over the Mobile Depots being used to fit WCS so their targets can escape. Personally I like the multitude of new options both changes have introduced into the game.

. The ISIS indicates that I am the master of next to nothing. I’ve looked at the skills I am meant to train to V, and it is likely I will stay the master of next to nothing. Pointless training is pointless.

. I sold my Freighter a while back – I could count on one hand the number of times I had undocked in it over the last couple years.

. I’ve spent the better part of two months training up my second Trading Alt to round out their flying skills – allowing them to fit T2 Shield and Armor tanks. With that finished I have moved back to my original Scouting alt, with an eye on making them more useful in Wormholes.

. I love the idea of the Christmas Advent Calendar. I’m not too sure about the point of most of it so far.

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