She’s hitting me and kicking me and..

It’s not clear how my leave is going to play out.

Separately my 4 and 8 year old are reasonably easy kids to take care of. Together it is a whole different ball game. It tends to be a constant (and aggravating) effort to keep them from killing each other. It is not conducive to relaxing or playing EVE.

The first 6 days of my leave have been taken up with visiting my Parents in the country, shopping, finalising the Christmas preparations, and the previously mentioned keeping the kids separated. In what little downtime I have had I’ve been concentrating on getting my new Scanning Alt prepared.

The catalyst for training a new character was the 60 day game time card in the Collectors Box. I’ve been thinking about having a presence in Wormhole space for quite a while now, but I needed an extra character with scanning skills that I could leave logged off in one for extended periods of time.

The process…

. Creating the new account with the Collector’s Edition time code was painless, you just follow the instructions and you are up and running within minutes.

. Since this was a support character, I followed my tradition of making the Toon female. While it has no impact in game, I gave some thought to what sort of background and mindset the character might have to allow them to sit, cloaked and hiding, in a wormhole for months. I do have a Roleplaying background..

. It can take quite a while to sculpture the look of a new Toon. Not something you want to do when pressed for time.

. I ran all the Career training missions. This was not necessary, but it gave the Toon a very basic level of training.

. I moved the Character to my home system and joined my secondary Corp

. I created API keys for EVEMon and EFT to allow me to plan and track the development of the Toon

. I set up three skill plans – the first to be able to fly a T1 scanning frigate with appropriate fittings for Wormhole space, the second to up that to a T2 fit Covert Ops Frigate, and the third to flesh out the basic flying skills

. I updated the Clone

. I purchased any skill books I was missing from the skill plans

. I purchased basic Implants


. I purchased and fitted out one example each of the T1 and T2 ships she will fly

. I moved my EveHermit alt into Rens to act as a Price check Alt.

. I Bio-massed my original Rens Price check Alt. That leaves room to move this Toon across later.

. I purchased two PLEX – 1 to cover the transfer of the Toon to one of my other accounts once the 60 days is almost up, and the other to pay for dual training as my skill plan is a bit longer than the 60 days available.

. Now I just have to log in and update her skill queue as required. When the skill plans are complete I’ll have a useful resource.

As with all things EVE, the effort required to execute this idea required was surprising large.  All told it will have cost me around 50M ISK and $30 of PLEX for a ~3+M SP Scanning Alt. Arguably I saved only 1 PLEX by doing it this way – but I also ended up with an extra set of Christmas gifts which offset the ISK cost.

Speaking of Christmas, I loved the shuttle. That’s exactly the sort of EVE ship which works well as a gift. I don’t mind the concept of the Advent Calendar, but mostly found they were uninspiring.

Now this is done, I need to return to my EVE regular gaming.

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