Nothing to see here

It took 11 days into my leave before I actually had a few hours to play EVE online. I settled on roaming WH space, but then mistakenly jumped to my Low Sec Clone instead.

Not what I had in mind, but never mind. I undocked from my Hi-Sec staging system and scanned down a Wormhole and a Drone combat site. I ran the later just to get back into the grove, including 3 escalations. The loot drop was minimal, but I was feeling ready to jump into Low Sec. Then the phone rang, and I unexpectedly had to go pick up my wife and daughter. Session over.

A couple hours later in the day I tried again – this time hoping into a Covert Ops and moving into a Low Sec area I had not started bookmarking yet. I had covered off the first gate when I heard my 4 year old daughter throwing a tantrum outside. A moment later she came into my study to inform me that Mum was naughty and that she never wanted to see her again. Then she proceeded to cry for 20 minutes. Session over.

A couple more hours pass and I manage to log in again. I bookmark a station and 4 belts. I also flagged a second corporation as Orange after noticing half a dozen of them were hunting around the system and gate camping.

At one point a Covert Ops fit Loki drops probes in the system. The now Orange pilots quickly ran to the belts and hung around innocently, hoping to be dropped on. When that didn’t work, one of them tried this..

[05:14:32] iamreallynotapirate > what are you scanning?
[05:14:46] iamreallynotapirate > us? We just want to do sites
[05:14:46] lokipilot > W/H’s
[05:14:53] iamreallynotapirate > ah
[05:15:08] iamreallynotapirate > we can go back to sites then?

At this stage they had shown the Loki all their pilots and ship types. (Ship types which would not be running sites in Low Sec.) If the Loki was indeed hunting them, he would have known what he was up against, and how much help he would need.
Around this time – while I was sitting cloaked slowly moving away from a Gate, I noticed a pilot named Rhavas, flying a Cynabal, move through the system. I presume it was none other than the blogger and story teller at I gave a silent wave.

When I logged off at a safe to go pick up my Son from a friends place, I felt that I had at least managed to be half productive in game.

I had one more EVE session – although it was interrupted by another tantrum from my 4 year old, having to cook tea, and half a dozen other demands from family that saw me having to walk away from the game. I had moved into another system which seemed to be home to a congenial collection of -10’s camping gates and chasing pilots, while cheerfully waving and chatting in local. I wonder if the banter actually has people let their guard down, and make themselves easier targets?

What has surprised me most about my disjointed exploration today was the number of different pirate groups actively hunting in what is a relatively small and not particularly populous Low Sec pocket. When I do something in this particular area I am going to have to use scouts and be careful.

One thought on “Nothing to see here

  1. Lol That had to be last night in Amarr Lowsec. Sorry I missed you. Was trying to get back home and two holes had collapsed on me in highsec so was on my way to the third and not paying attention to Local at all.


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