Thanks for 2013 and best wishes for 2014

There are only a couple hours left of 2013 here in Australia.  We have just put our kids to bed after allowing them to stay up late to watch the children’s fireworks on TV and wave some sparklers about outside.  (We will pay for that tomorrow when they are extra tired and cranky!)  Before I head off I wanted to thank the readers of this blog, particularly those who have left comments.  It has made EVE a more interesting and richer game for me to play.  I wish you all a safe and enjoyable New Years.

3 thoughts on “Thanks for 2013 and best wishes for 2014

  1. LOL 5PM as I write this on the east coast of the US… we are heading out to friends house a country block down the dirt track for the evening when I get home, I’m actually still at work as I am (1) teh new guy in my group and (2) a contractor but meh…

    Wishing you the very best in the new year on this old earth of ours and for the future in YC116 in our shared virtual ‘verse in New Eden… or nearby as we’ll be back inna HOLE BABY! but that another post… =]

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