December Done

I post these for myself as a way of measuring and tracking what I am doing in game. While not entirely accurate, I use jEveAssets to track my rough overall financial position across all Characters and Corporations.

Game Hours & Play

It was one of my busiest Real Life months of the year, and I spent relatively little time undocked. I set up a new scanning Alt, did a handful of PI and trade updates, and a few sessions of Exploration. A reminder of why I play solo.


I have 1 Main and 8 Alt Characters. 1 Alt supports my Main, 2 are used for Industry, 2 as Scouts, 2 for Price Checking, and 1 for this blog.


19.0B Wallets

. 5.8B Main
. 12.8B Corp

36.9B Assets

. 23.3B Main
. 6.9B Corp

Approximate Wealth
56.2B ISK (Up 1.9B)

This increase is misleading, as it includes 2 PLEX purchased during the 15% off sale to allow Dual training of my new Scanning Alt.


Industry / Trade Details

Minimum efforts made, with only small change earnt. I’m aware of one, possible two other bloggers I follow who are now in direct competition with me.



Account 1 (Main) – 136M SP. Trained Astrometric Acquisition V, which has maxed out all 7 scanning skills. Picked up Afterburner V, Starbase Defense Management IV, and am currently working on Cloaking V.

Account 2 (Main Alt) – 128M SP. Covered off the PI skills to Rank IV, and trained Magnetometric and Gravimetric Sensor Compensation skills to V. Training a few random skills at the moment.

Account 3 (Industry Alt 1) – 42M SP. No Training
Account 3 (Industry Alt 2) – 13M SP. Finished off the basic Armor Tanking skills, current no Training
Account 3 (Scout Alt 1) – 14M SP. Working on some of the skills introduced over the last 12 months that were untrained

Account 3 (Scout Alt 2) – 1M SP. Trained 50 skills, 5 to Rank I, 18 to Rank II, 22 to Rank III and 5 to Rank IV.

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