I’m down to the second last Low Sec System that I want to bookmark in the immediate area I will operate out of. I’ve made 162 bookmarks so far, on each Gate, Belt and Station, plus some safe spots and undocks.

I’ve identified the three main Pirate groups, where they operate out of, and some of their tactics and neutral Alts. I have flagged some of the better known Pirate groups that hunt the area, such as Rixx Javix’s Stay Frosty. I’m also aware of the main explorers who operate across the area at the same times I am active.

The area is busier than I had expected – both with how active the pirates are, and the competition for sites. There have also been an amazing number of lower SP characters mining and ratting – which are common fodder on the Pirate Killboards.


I’ve allowed myself to be distracted at times and ran a few Data and Relic sites. The drops have been poor so far. I’ve also kept an eye out for wormholes to known space, and visited Impass earlier this week for the first time in my career. It wasn’t very inspiring.


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