Lay of the land done

I’ve finished my bookmarking of the Low Sec systems I am going to spend time in. I flagged two more groups as Orange – one of which I had pegged as being non-hostile, until chatter in local alluded to them being blue and willing to fleet with one of the main Pirate groups.

Never underestimate the wealth of knowledge you gain just by sitting quietly in a system for an hour or two.

Actually, you see all sorts of strange things while quietly lurking. I watched a Capsuleer rating in a Typhoon Fleet Issue in a 0.4 System which is usually active with Pirates. An hour later in the same system I watched another Capsuleer using Discovery Survey Probes. I thought you couldn’t do moon mining in anything above 0.3?

With that somewhat arduous task complete I ran some sites through the area just for the hell of it, ending up with around 15M of loot.

I’m not sure about the final mix of ships I am going to use. I’m a bit spooked by how often the entrance systems are being camped. While I am going to be able to get through them most of the time, they are bound to get lucky on occasion. There are some backwater systems behind these camps which are quieter. I am considering stocking one or two of these with ships. I might even leave a jump clone there.

I did take the opportunity to use my new bookmarks to make a shortcut through the Low Sec systems and return to my base to pick up the Astero I had sitting there. I refit it and flew it back.

So – now that I am done and ready to spend some time in Low Sec, I decided to jump to my Wormhole Clone and do the day tripping I had planned to do almost a week ago!

2 thoughts on “Lay of the land done

  1. Blockade runners, and other covops ships may be your friends for moving around lowsec. An alt (or friendly) scout on wormholes also helps.

    I tend to recommend you do not use SOE ships. These may be covops, but also scream bling and may lead to you being hunted.

  2. I’ve been pondering doing a WH day trip for a few days now, but I’m woefully inexperienced at it. Would love to hear more about your expedition and hopefully get some tips.

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