Day 7 – Empty C1

(I’ve been back at work for a week and my time off feels long forgotten. It has been surprisingly busy. Here’s the next installment of my wormhole stumbling’s, which happened a while back.)

I often use the Asset List whenever I am setting the Navigation computer to point me towards home. When I do this I tend to notice Palas in the list, and am reminded that my Wormhole Loki is sitting there. This happened again while I was flying the Astero to my Low Sec Base, and I remembered my original goal to do some Wormhole day tripping while on holidays.

Palas – 0

I’m back in the long, rough edged hull of the Loki.  I have not spent much time in Khanid – but as I undock it looks like I will spent a little longer than expected as there are no Signatures to scan down.  I gate across to the next system.


Reteka – 4 (WH C5, WH, Data, WH)

There are combat probes out already in this system. It takes 11 scans and two interruptions from my son, but I end up with 3 Wormholes to Unknown space and one Data site.  The last of Wormholes was difficult to find, so I assume it might be to one of the tougher ones and arbitrarily pick one of the others.


J154906 – Who cares?


It is a C5, with two Archon, a Moros and a Cheetah on Scan. My thoughts on lower strength holes being to tougher holes might need some investigation. I warp to an outer planet and finding the area clear, launch probes and move them high above the system.

The system has reduced targeting, slower tracking, extra damage effects and other things I can’t understand my notes on. I notice on D-Scan that there are actually 5 distinct areas which are out of D-Scan range of each other, which seems unusual.

I see probes out on scan and decide I don’t much care to start my day in an active C5, so I return to High Sec.



The combat probes are still on scan. I pick the second high strength hole to check out next. It is wobbling and looking unwell.


J130125 – 4+1+1 (Gas, Data, WH unknown, WH C1, WH Hi-Sec)

The new hole is a C2 with lots of ships on scan.


That certainly makes it more difficult to keep a track of hulls appearing and disappearing. I take a screen capture of the D-Scan list for my reference.  I warp around using D-Scan and find the ships, all unpiloted, at a POS on V M3. There are two other planets out of D-Scan range but one has no moons, and the other has no POS. It is at this time that I notice my inbound Wormhole has gone. I guess that means I am trapped.


A pigsty of a POS

Since things seem quiet I launch probes.  12 scans later and I have a Gas, Data, and 3 Wormhole signatures.  I keep an eye on D-Scan but the ship types do not change.  I go check the C1 first.


J105443 – 4+1 (Gas, Gas, WH Null, Data)

I sniff around and find the system empty, with 5 POS up without Force fields. (Nothing to loot.)  I am keeping an eye out for an empty C1 or C2 – and my mind races for a few moments as I consider the possibilities of this hole.  I launch probes and 8 scans later I have my inbound hole, 2 Gas sites, a Data site, and a wormhole to Null.

Ahhh – a static Null connection, that is why it is empty.  I check out what part of Null it is currently attached to.


Not Recorded – 1 (inbound)

I failed to record the system I jumped into, but it was AAA-Citizens Sov with no other signatures and plenty of active pilots. Since my entrance point was too easily scanned down and blocked, and I could hear the family making noises that indicated my EVE time was fast coming to an end, I return back through the empty C1, to the C2, and check out what part of High Sec it connected to.



The name of this system seems familiar. Maybe it is a training system? There is a 15 day old pilot sitting on the inbound wormhole in a catalyst, and plenty of pilots flying around on D-Scan. I simply pick a station and dock up.


Latest Trip Count –8 sessions, 34 Empire Systems, 63 Wormholes, 3 Null Systems, 1 Low Sec System, 1 kill

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