Day 8 – Sightseeing

I am not a true Wormhole Day tripper in the sense most people use the term. I am not running sites, sucking gas or ore, or focused on hunting others. I am just quietly slipping from one system to another, seeing where my travels might take me. I’m a tourist without an itinerary.

The concept is still to end up losing my Ship, but I am enjoying the randomness of the sessions. I am also finding that I am improving my piloting. Never underestimate the value of spending time in dangerous space to hone your skills. My probing is quite literally twice as fast (turned out I was nowhere near aggressive enough), my bookmark management far more streamlined, and I am using D-Scan with far more finesse. Adequate is ok for Empire space, not so much elsewhere.

Mora – 1 (WH)

It is a couple days later and I am back. I undock and in two scans I have bookmarked the only signature in the system, which turns out to be a wormhole into unknown space. With barely a thought I jump through, forgetting that I should be feeling some trepidation.


It doesn’t look scary at all

J100211 – 2 + 1 + 1 (WH to C3, WH to unknown, Gas)

D-Scan takes on a familiar look – Russian ships with graphics in their name. I notice no POS on scan, so I change my overview to the correct tab.


I make use of and see this is a C1 with a static to Hi-Sec. I spend a few minutes finding the online and offline POS, although have a heart attack when I pull up just 3,100m from a battery when warping into the last POS at VI M6. It holds all the ships, which are all unpiloted. I slink away still cloaked.

As I start to scan the interface blips with the arrival of a new signature. This sees me revisiting an area in space with my probes. After 8 scans I have 2 unexplored wormholes (one which just turned up) and a pocket of Gas. I also have someone else’s Probes on scan. I figure they have come in from the fresh hole,  I bounce around the system working out what the probes are focused on, and figure they are actually on the new hole.  Playing with D-Scan shows they are spread about, so maybe the user didn’t come this way.

By varying D-Scan further I come to the conclusion the probes are not moving – and they stay that way over the new hole for an inordinate amount of time. Finally, long past the point where I have grown bored, they disappear.

I ponder if the other play was playing mind games, leaving said observer second guessing what was going on.  More likely they were just distracted, or maybe they were just not that good at scanning.  An Imicus frigate warps in at 100km from the hole and immediately cloaks.  Thanks to the ships name I know it is a local.

After a while the frigate de-cloaks and warps away.  I take the opportunity to warp down from my perch and go look at what was on the other side of the wormhole.

J101048 – 1 + 1 (WH to Low Sec)

This is a large system with a probable Low Sec Static. There are 3 areas where POS could be. I warp around to find lots of POS weapons in the first area but no POS, nothing in the second area, and an online POS with Ares, Helios and Noctis in the third.

There were an annoying 26 moons around the planet, and it takes a few minutes on D-Scan to narrow the location down to VI M21. I warp to Moon 17 and then in on Moon 21 to change my approach angle. Unexpectedly all the ships are piloted.

I watch for a short while, but given how empty the system is I decide to scan down the second Signature. I have a vague recollection that I could do this outside of scan range of the POS. 3 Scans later (should have done that in two) I am sitting off a Wormhole that I am guessing leads to Domain.

Anara – 2 + 1 (Combat, Combat)

My guess is wrong. I’m in Genesis, although not near the Low Sec area I Operate around. I notice the system has a gate to Sharza. Why does that name sound familiar? I’m pretty sure there is a system with a similar name I used to spend time in, possibly in low sec.

There is a Pirate in system flying a Curse, but after a short while I am left alone. 5 scans later I find 2 combat sites, one which was quite tough to find. The Pirate returns and warps around, and with no Wormholes to explore I take the opportunity when the gate is clear to move over to the next system.

Sharza – 3 (WH to unknown, Relic, WH to Null)

There are two in system, both pirates, neither near the gate. I launch probes and in 5 scans have two wormholes (Unknown and Null) and a Relic Site. I also notice a Navy Slicer and Tengu on D-Scan at various points in time.

TPG-DD – 1

I check out the Null Sec hole first.  It is more Russian space, and with only the inbound signature, I step back into Sharza.


The Pirate from Anara is now in system with his Curse. Busy little bees these guys are. I warp over and check out the second wormhole.

J124654 – 5+1 (WH to C5, WH to Low, Gas, Gas, Relic)

This wormhole has a possible Low Sec Static – which seems to make sense. I can see a Capsule on scan, so there is life, plus a venture, 3 towers and 2 force fields. I identify all the POS, plus another one out of initial D-Scan range. The POS holding the Capsule and manned Venture was on a planet with 19 moons. I started at 19 and worked my way down with D-Scan (since most POS seem to be parked at the higher numbers). The POS was at moon 4. I think I need to halve and then quarter space with D-Scan to cut the number of moons to focus scan on.

I bookmark both Ore sites in system and watch points over the POS, but the pilots do nothing of interest while I watch. I have spent a whole lot of time preparing for and then watching people not doing anything in wormholes.

After a while I notice on D-Scan that the venture has gone, then the POD, replaced by a Prowler. I warp back to the POS to check up on what is happening.

I then get a phone call from the Computer Maintenance Department wanting to talk to the Computer user. I say I don’t own a computer and just use a Smartphone. They sound confused and then hang up.

I look back at EVE to see the Prowler has continued to do nothing.

Then I have a short SMS conversation with my wife, who is down visiting her sister with our kids. (The reason I am able to be in WH space today).

I look back at EVE afterwards to see the Prowler has continued to do nothing.

Wormhole dwellers seem to do a whole lot of sitting around doing nothing.

Finally I give up and probe instead. It takes 13 scans due to how spread out the sites were and one very hard to find Relic site. I have a choice of a C5 Wormhole, or a Low Sec Wormhole.  I don’t much fancy the C5, so I head to the new Low Sec hole.

Uisper – 6+1 (Combat, WH to Low, WH to Unknown, Combat, Combat, Combat)

The wormhole looks very red – I presume it goes to Minmatar space. There are two other pilots in system when I step into Uisper, although one leaves shortly after. I waste no time and in 9 scans have 2 Wormholes and 4 combat sites.

I’ve just about had enough so want to find some place safe to dock up if possible. I check out the new Low Sec Link.

New Eden – 3 + 1 (WH to unknown, Combat, Combat)

I’m back in Genesis low sec again.  It takes me a couple minutes to realise where I am – it is the system where man first arrived from Earth. Ok – that is cool, and is the exact reason I am doing the Wormhole tourist thing. You never know where you are going to end up.


The EVE Gate

I scan down a Wormhole to unknown and 2 combat sites, but decide I am just going to log off here at a safe.


Latest Trip Count – 9 sessions, 34 Empire Systems, 66 Wormholes, 4 Null Systems,5 Low Sec System, 1 kill

3 thoughts on “Day 8 – Sightseeing

  1. I was kinda wondering what kind of fit you were using for your Loki in wormholes, since I couldn’t really come up with anything that great for sites. Now I know 🙂

    • Yep – I am not running sites 🙂 The current scout/exploring fit I am using

      [Loki, Wormhole Explorer]
      Gyrostabilizer II
      Gyrostabilizer II
      Damage Control II

      Experimental 10MN Microwarpdrive I
      Shadow Serpentis Warp Scrambler
      Sensor Booster II, Scan Resolution Script
      Large Shield Extender II
      Large Ancillary Shield Booster, Navy Cap Booster 150

      220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M
      220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M
      220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M
      220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M
      220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M
      Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
      Expanded Probe Launcher II, Sisters Core Scanner Probe

      Medium Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer I
      Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
      Medium Gravity Capacitor Upgrade II

      Loki Defensive – Adaptive Shielding
      Loki Electronics – Emergent Locus Analyzer
      Loki Engineering – Augmented Capacitor Reservoir
      Loki Offensive – Covert Reconfiguration
      Loki Propulsion – Interdiction Nullifier

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