You can’t do this playing Solo

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On one hand hats off to CCP.  Some 4,000 players apparently trying to fight and the node did not die.

Against that, the node not dying resulted in a situation that was unplayable for many of the participants.  That is no fun at all.

So where does CCP go from here?  Do they look at Drones to reduce some of the server work?  Do they look at a mechanism that freezes the system when x number of players are on grid, splits the grid and moves half the players on to a new node, then restarts?  Do they simply restrict the number of people who can be on any one Grid in game?  Do they limit how many people can use one Cyno?  Do they change the Sov mechanisms so that these sorts of battles will no longer influence it?  And how do they do all this without making it easier for smart players to game the situation, or have it seem so contrived that the game loses its immersion factor.

No idea what the answer is, but I know the players are pushing CCP into a situation where they are going to have to try something new to help the situation.

5 thoughts on “You can’t do this playing Solo

  1. Personally I would like CCP to put in a cap on pilot numbers in each system. Without it, any PVP contest simply becomes a matter of numbers, as in the case in almost any open-world PVP situation. It is also not realistic to have 10000 soldiers crowded in a hut shooting at 10000 soldiers all hiding behind a wall. Make the region be the battlefield instead of only a single system, where you have to control the gates going into the target system for logistics etc. It would make for more interesting strategic gameplay I think.

    Of course the issue of what to do to prevent people from just filling up the cap with their own pilots in order to prevent the other side from getting in has to be solved too. Maybe the cap is based on standings, not too many “friendly” pilots in one system at the same time.

    • Yea I can immediately see the population cap being abused so no doubt the Alliance theorycrafters will find ways to just break the game with it.

      Why not try to spread these giant fights out a little bit? Instead of making the SCU the most absolutely important point in Sov mechanics, I would like to see Stargates take the prominent role.

      I see it as a sort of tug of war. Lets say alliances are competing for control of a system with 3 gates. In order to win the system, the alliances need to control the other side of as many gates for as long as possible. This can be represented in the form of having a freighter “linked” to the gate and feeding it some arbitrary resource. Each gate would be the focus of battles on both sides as the two alliance vie for complete control of each gate. Theoretically to properly defend the system you might not have to fire a single shot inside the contested system.

      My knowledge of current Sov mechanics is a little bit dated, so corrected me if I’m missing something huge. This system would definitely add a lot more tactical depth than just spamming one point with as many ships as possible.

      • SBU’s (Sovereignty Blockade Units) are required on each gate before the Station and I-hub are invulnerable. I think that was meant to result in attackers / defenders spreading themselves around the system more during take over attempts. Not sure that is working as planned – or maybe there are just so many people in system that it no longer makes a difference.

    • Anything around population limits (even with standing checks) will be played.

      You could increase the number of objectives in Sov take overs to spread pilots around – but that seems more of a stop gap measure.

      Maybe a more dynamic increase in objectives based on population in system? The more pilots there are, the more separate locations that you will have to simultaneously attack / defend. Thankfully there are much brighter people than me thinking about the issue!

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