Castles in the sky

I started back at work two weeks ago, and haven’t managed to undock in EVE since. I’ve just logged in once a day to check I haven’t had a war declared against me and to make the occasional skill queue change.

The likelihood of war is remote, but I checked daily when I had a POS up, and I check daily now I have POCO.

Work has been solidly busy, but my absence from EVE relates more to the kids. The youngest has finished up at Childcare and is at home waiting for Kinder to start, and the oldest is on School Holidays. Having both at home together is much harder work than one or the other. While they have been better behaved than expected, the interruptions and distractions mean my work days tend to stretch well into the evenings, leaving no time for EVE.

Instead I’ve been spending more time playing Minecraft than usual. It is easier to pick up and put down in short sessions, plus the kids love the game and are entertained for hours by checking out copies of my world or chatting to me about it.



Today however I plan to undock.

4 thoughts on “Castles in the sky

  1. Very nice castle! I haven’t really shown my 4 year old Minecraft yet, I’m worried he’ll ask me to build a car or something and get disappointed when he sees my blocky uninspiring buildings which look like slum projects. I have basically zero creativity, most of my buildings are cubes with windows.

    • Our daughter started a few months after turning 4 with the Android version on her Nexus. At Christmas we finally gave in to her harping and also installed it on her laptop. I don’t need to provide much instruction – just draw out the crafting pattern to an item on occasion. She has and continues to learn by watching her brother, and also watching the YouTube Tutorial videos we download for him on occasion. Considering the number of hours enjoyment they have gotten, and continue to get, it is about the best value for money expense we have had on their entertainment.

      • That’s pretty impressive that she can do so much by herself. Our kid can’t even use the mouse by himself without getting frustrated, although perhaps with something to motivate him he might learn much faster.

        I love watching the stuff that people do in Minecraft, but never get around to building anything amazing myself.

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