EVE Time is still very limited

The Rubicon 1.1 update was released with a 1.1GB patch file. This took an annoying 40 plus minutes to download and apply. I’m not sure if it is my location or my ISP throttling traffic, but ever since CCP went with a P2P approach to distribute their patch files the whole process has been extra slow.

Within 60 seconds of logging in I picked up the station sound volumes were messed up, and standings were not showing up in local. A little while later I noticed searching the market was 3-5 times slower. I’m not sure how such things get through testing.

I have still to read most of the Patch Notes. I did check out the BPO of the new and extra deployable structures, but ended up not buying any. I don’t really see a situation where I would need to build any for myself, and I am not sure there would be much of a market for them in my little area of Empire.

I also undocked and flew around a couple of the stations in my home system to check out the changes to their appearances. Nothing to write home about individually, but it adds polish to the overall look of the game.

I hope I don’t see one of those new Capital wrecks. Given I play solo – if I see such a wreck it will most likely be one of mine.

Otherwise I have been selling off a small proportion of my “To Sell” container. I also spent some time double checking where the re-cloak delay time was (a Ship Stat), and where the targeting delay after de-cloaking was taken from (a module stat but can be impacted by the ship).

The household should get into more of a pattern next week when the youngest starts Kinder, so hopefully I can do a little more in game after that.

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