Monumental Arses

While a somewhat strange bit of news to provide a countdown timer for, CCP recently announced that they would be unveiling a monument / sculpture on the eve of fanfest this year. On it will be engraved the names of the highest SP character on every account active on March 1st.

Personally I thought that was rather cool – and I expect it is a somewhat unique idea.

I mentioned it in passing to my wife – who cares little for online games or EVE, and she also thought that was rather cool.

I expect it would get some coverage in the gaming media, so wasn’t a bad idea from a marketing point of view either.

Then, as remarked on in Jester Trek’s recent Blog post, the EVE players got involved.

I’ve mentioned it before, but sometimes CCP must find it difficult to like the spoilt, tantrum throwing child that is the EVE player base.

9 thoughts on “Monumental Arses

  1. I usually don’t dip into the forums so I was quite surpised to see the backlash. Some people will whine about anything. I saw you posted a posivitive comment and that prompted me do the same. I know CCP is used complaining players, but I would hate for them to get the impression that we are all like that.

  2. +1
    I find it difficult at times to always remember that forum populations are heavily self-selected samples. It slips my mind, and I become frustrated, although I technically know better. So I take your benevolent view on these plans as an infusion of positive energy, and a reminder, again, of the aforementioned.

    A rather cool idea, CCP.

  3. “I would hate for them to get the impression that we are all like that.… LOL… have you MET us? I mean I have posted several positive comments on this topic but overall the majority of the most vocal of EvE players (commenters such as the ubiquitous Anons, not bloggers) are spoiled, self-indulgent, self-centered, entiltled, whiney, sophomoric children… I swear to the gods I am glad the silent majority I fly with and meet ingame are level headed responsible adults…

    But haters will hate and that’s just that… as depressing as it is.

    Personally I love the idea that even though is it a game we play, we are taking part in something so new and ground breaking that it has engendered the makers to feel amonument is not over the top… as it would be if such were established for say, CoD or LotR or even WoW… those are “just” games… EvE really is more than just a game in so many ways… and to have TurAmarth (my online name for over 21 years now) etxhed in granite… well, it relaly is kinda cool when you think about it.

    • Sophomoric – a perfect choice of words to describe that vocal angry minority in EVE!

      You are right – the average EVE player I have met have been intelligent and reasonable people. I hope CCP realise the majority of their players are not represented by the loudest hecklers.

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