I’ve pulled down most of my Market Buy Orders, and am putting my Trading endeavours on hold. It seems like months since I have given it any real attention anyway. The process has proven successful – even in a relatively low volume backwater. I could take the lessons I’ve learnt and scale the operations up if I wanted to, but frankly that doesn’t sound like fun.

I want my Corp to earn around 15M ISK a month to pay for the Alliance fee and the Corporation Office. The POCO tax income has been poor and won’t cover that, so I will have to ensure I do at least one PI run a month. Otherwise my two Trade/Industry Alts will be quiet for a while. I’ve already moved training on that account to my Primary Scout Alt.

I kicked off the character transfer of my Secondary Scout Alt. I set that up using the Collector’s Edition game card. That will bring me back to three accounts. While she can fly Covert Ops and Scan ok, I have a couple PLEX allocated to allowing Dual training, just to buff those skills out. I don’t actually have any immediate plans to use that character, but I want it there, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

I’ve been to Jita another half dozen times since my last post. Some of those were in an Interceptor rigged for Warp Speed, carrying low volume but high value goods. On one of those trips I found the Jita gate was closed due to traffic issues. It only took a couple of seconds to warp away, but it made my heart skip a beat. No one wants a 600M unarmed Interceptor loss on their killboard.

I’ve sold off about 5B ISK of stuff across my Main and Corp, with more to go. (Although some of what remains is bulky or will be slow to sell.) I don’t actually need the bigger bank balance, and I have no plans on spending or investing it. It would have been smarter to leave the ISK wrapped up in goods that should appreciate in value. This process however is more about de-cluttering and removing distractions. When I do get time to play, I need to stop spreading it out across so many different areas.

In between hauling I ran 14 basic anomalies in my home system last night, getting three faction drops and earning around 35M for the hours work. It has been good to be undocked and doing a few things in EVE again.


One of the ship hulls sold off

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