On the Radar

Blog notes from the last week.

Another 5 days of work has past, with another 5 days of minimal EVE. I hope this isn’t my new level of busy during the week.

I’ve almost finished the asset sell off at my home station. I’ve cleared out about 8.5B ISK of stuff for an increase of 7.5B ISK to the bank balance. A loss of around 1B might seem a lot, but it works out to be a bit over 11%. Some of this relates to transaction taxes, some to the averaged value simply being wrong, some to selling in Jita where there is competition pushing down prices. Mostly it relates to selling to buy orders if they were within 5% or so of the value. Given I had to do minimal baby sitting on the sales, I was happy with the outcome.

During my clean up I came across some BPO that I wanted to research. A tip for those looking at what ME level to train – you can see the perfect level, and play around with lower levels on the Blueprint Browser in EVEMon. The queue in the closest Hi Sec Stations for ME Research was out past 50 days, with Low sec not much better. I flew some 8 jumps to a station with delays of only 20 days.

In my clean up I decided – even though they are unlikely to get use, to have a handful of PVP ships on hand in my home system. Having POCO means there is always a chance you will get War Decd. Given all the hull and module changes and rebalancing I decided start again on all my PVP fittings. I completed my first re-fit on a Dramiel.

I’ve finally managed to run my first Ghost Site in Empire. I noticed it by chance in my home system, grabbed my Stratios and warped to it. After scanning each can I picked the most profitable. The Sansha turned up a few seconds after I had opened it. I’m not sure if they were on a timer from when I first warped in, from when I first cargo scanned, or when I got within a certain range of the first can. Regardless I wasn’t given much time. I managed to rush through and finish the mini-game and grab the loot before everything blew up. The profit was a piddling 3M, but I was glad to finally manage to run one.

I’m back down to 3 accounts now, after moving my new scanning Alt onto my main account once my 60 day code was finishing up. I used a PLEX to activate dual character training for the first time – just to round off their training for another 30 days. It was easy enough to do – simply right clicking on a PLEX and selecting activate against the option that came up.

EVE encroached on my Real Life this week. One of the guys in our DDO guild asked for information on setting up an account. He is still on the fence about starting, but he is interested. Later that same day the story about the EVE Monument found itself on my Facebook feed from a non-player. She wasn’t terribly flattering – with a “oh my god” type comment about computer gamers, but EVE was out and about on the radar of non-players.

5 thoughts on “On the Radar

  1. Hi hermit
    such a lot of real knowledge on your blog. I’m new to Eve (started a while back, fell over, forgot about it and back again, struggling) There’s so many antonyms and esoteric links I’m not able to understand your advice.
    One day I guess so’ll know what your abbreviations refer to.
    I’m researching choices about exploration ships BTW

    Very respectfully

      • I re-read that post and it was full of jargon and acronyms, and would not have made the slightest sense to a new player. Sorry about that! I do try (with varying degrees of success) to put together easy to read posts. I’ve been snowed under with Real life though for months, so I’ve done more of these summarized posts which would make more sense to longer term players. If you have questions feel free to ask.

        Your exploration ship options are easy – the cheap T1 frigate’s – Magnate, Heron, Imicus and Probe, the expensive T1’s – Astero (frigate) or Stratios (cruiser), or the T2 Covert Ops frigate’s – Anathema, Buzzard, Helios or Cheetah. While they have various fitting options between each group of ships, the exploration bonuses for each class are basically the same, and it doesn’t really matter which one within each grouping that you fly. Whatever race you already have skills for, or whatever you like the look of. The Expensive T1 options are more for doing the combat sites as well, which none of the others will do particularly well.

  2. If you need some research done can help you out if you need it. My Research POS is barely being used or barely to full capacity as I barely log in often and not currently researching much. As all my current asset that needed researching is all done currently unless I buy something new to do so and currently not much interest me.

    So most my labs go unused while just burning fuel keeping the tower in space. Only a few days ago just threw some BPO’s all in the slots for done extra PE just to kill the time…. Since burning fuel. Some were it’s for a few days mostly to a few that were at a month. But if you like the help for research you know how to find me.

    • Thank you for the offer – appreciated. I only had half a dozen blueprints in need of research, and they are now all on public queues. Arguably I should have left them – I rarely build from my BPO library any more and I certainly have no manufacturing plans in my EVE future. Old habits die hard.

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