Source of Fans

After exchanging Valentine Cards with my wife, I started the normal morning routine by turning on my PC, checking emails, etc. I noticed that 5 hours earlier CCP had announced on Facebook and Twitter that pre-orders were being taken for a Limited Edition of EVE Source.

There were going to be 1,400 copies, 1,000 to be sold via the EVE Store, 200 at Trade Shows and the like, and 200 distributed through stores in Australia and New Zealand. The first 500 sold through the store would be signed by the two main artists.

I Googled the company meant to sell the book in Australia, but it did not seem to have a web presence.

I then went over to the Online store and to my surprise all the signed copies had already gone, and there were just 160 regular copies available.

It would seem getting to the party late are just part of the joys of living on the opposite side of the world. I did not specifically need the limited edition version, but it is the sort of thing I like so I figured why not. The idea of looking for one that would be vaguely distributed to Stores locally didn’t appeal so I ordered one from the store. Not cheap.

By the time I had decided and gone through the process, the counter was down to 140 copies available. After taking my son to school, I noticed they were all sold out.

The non-limited edition copies are still available – but for 1,000 people to have spent that much on a book about a niche online computer game in around 7 hours is quite something.  The game has its fans.

2 thoughts on “Source of Fans

  1. Are there any limited edition copies in Australia still available? I cannot find the site that distributes them,,, thank for the article.

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