Life’s Barometer

EVE can often be a barometer on how well I am tracking in Real Life.

When I am playing, writing, and keeping up with other people’s EVE Blogs it tends to mean I’m on top of life.

When I am not doing those things – it tends to mean life has my measure.

If I am sorting inventory and reducing my asset spread in game, it will often mean my real life feels cluttered and dis-organised.

If I am undocking to do exploration or my wormhole travels, it will often mean life on the home front feels good.

If I ever catch myself questioning what I am doing in EVE and should I stop playing, it will normally mean I feel the need for change in Real Life.

9 thoughts on “Life’s Barometer

    • I wasn’t meaning for my post to sound like I was complaining about having a rough time. It was more just an observation. Good idea not to undock when you are angry! EVE has a way of making you pay for that…

  1. Interesting correlation. Mine is the exact opposite. EVE can ground me after a shitty day of work and get me into an environment I can control. Well, control it as much one can control a WH…

  2. I always appreciate your philosophical approach to the game. It resonates with me. I’ve not thought much about how RL affects my EVE game or perspective other than to notice the fairly simplistic “Too busy in RL = no time for EVE”.

  3. Interesting observation. Best time to play is indeed when everything is done and accounted for in real life. If its not, playing seems to be more of a tranquilizer, however, it tends to make me even more incontent in that case. EVE in particular is for me a game in-between. Too boring when on top of everything because all that preparation for the really fun stuff is not in place. Too demanding when very pressed in real life. In between: Stable anchor for a rythm and excess need for creativity.

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