1.3 Little Things

The following Forum thread covers some of the little things that should be found in Rubicon 1.3


There were a couple that stood out for me –

– The Directional Scanner has 2 input fields (km and AU) and a slider for range. The 3 inputs are connected so when one is changed, the other ones update
– Orbital bodies in the Show Info window will now have more functions in the right click menu
– You can filter out or highlight words in the chat tab

The first is obviously useful, particularly in wormholes. I’ve noticed before that the Orbital body list right click is missing functions that would be useful. The last one I can see as being particularly useful for keeping track of where your pilot name is being used.

Another thread outlines some of the graphic changes:


I look forward to seeing what the new asteroids look like, and the redesigned Tristan.

There are also lots of little changes to Frigates and Cruisers – with the Rifter’s different bonus being one of the bigger ones:


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