Three in a row

I use two 27″ Monitors which provide me a total screen real-estate of 5120 x 1440.

My EVE clients run at 2300×1300 – which works well, but I am limited to running two clients side by side at the same time.

While I would like to add a third screen, I don’t have the room unless I remove my AV Receiver.  Given this sits as a hub between TV, two PVR’s and a PS3, I’d prefer to leave it.

I also have a laptop – which while getting a little long in the tooth, I can still run EVE on.  After seeing some examples elsewhere, I purchased an inexpensive laptop stand, installed Multiplicity so I can just use the one mouse and keyboard, and shuffled things around on my desk.  I can now run all three of my EVE accounts at the same time.  It is not awkward of fiddly – it just works.  I’m not sure why I didn’t do this earlier..


Interestingly while testing this all out I had two things happen in game.

The first was one of the other POCO owners in the system opened a conversation and asked for mutual standings to allow free use of each other’s Custom Offices.  I was happy enough to do that, and had a good chat to them.

The second was while undocking I noticed my second Ghost site in local.  I managed to clear two of four caches and picked up an implant BPC.  I’m not sure of the value, but it gives me something to look into.

It does pay to log into EVE.

8 thoughts on “Three in a row

  1. God almighty, I have that exact same laptop. The battery is utterly stuffed, such that if you turn the main power off it dies. Immediately. It will also not boot up unless you have EXACTLY the same configuration of gear plugged into EXACTLY the same USB ports as when you powered it down…

    It’s become the backup to the backup though, and is more suitable for EFT than anything else because of a propensity to rival the output of a soldering iron when attempting to run anything like EvE… even with everything switched to low or off.

    Consider me suitably jealous 🙂

    • HP didn’t shower itself in glory with that laptop, poor battery, sub-par performance for spec, and the hard drives have had a death whine from the day I brought it home. (Obviously not indicating death, but rather disconcerting.) I have an SSD sitting in the cupboard for it at the moment, and I plan on buying some more memory and doing a fresh OS install to see if I can get another year or two of life out of it.

  2. Why is it so clean there? Ugh. On my desk you would see two huge piles of yet-to-be-sorted bills and taxes and other unpleasant things next to a lonely 21″, a laser printer-scanner, the PC itself (collects less dust when on the desk instead of on the floor) and a lazy cat who is just waiting to rub my arm when I start to use the mouse. And a coffee cup and a glass of water and some crumbs from the latest pizza and some pens and scattered paper notes with prices and volumes of certain PI materials, ships fits, etc.

    I think you are cheating! 😉

    Is there a particular reason why you are running the clients in window mode?

    • It’s a “just done” photo. Rest assured the desk is generally more cluttered – including a neat stack of bills and a To-Do pile. The PC is up off the ground – it is just hidden behind the monitors. We also have a couple of cats, but I have to keep the door closed to my study as one of them likes to play with cables. I play window mode as it works best for me when running multiple accounts and having EVE related applications and documents opened at the same time.

    • Thanks for the tip – I have looked at that one in the past. I do like the fact it supports multiple OS and that it is open source. I must admit I went for the dumbed down option (even if I had to pay for it) in this circumstance as I’ve had personal recommendations that it tends to be hassle free and just works.

  3. Wow that looks soooo nice… not just the setup, but the graphics on the two desktops too. Unfortunately I can only play with lowest graphics settings since I dual-box on my old laptop, so I often forget that EVE can really look amazing.

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