It might be a while

I managed to undock yesterday for the first time this month. It is not through lack of interest or having something better to do, I just remain abnormally busy in real life.

My game time and blogging will likely stay sporadic for a while. Actually, somewhat disheartening, it could actually get worse. My wife’s flexible and part time job appears terminal, and she currently interviewing with different companies. She will likely end up working full time with long commutes, which leaves me taking care of the kids and their taxi requirements, while also holding down my own demanding job. We’ll manage – but EVE might not get a look in for a while.

I didn’t do anything of particular note in EVE. I updated the handful of trade orders I am still maintaining on my Industry Alt. I did a Datacore run on my Main Alt, selling the proceeds off for a paltry 75M ISK. Before they could be purchased with Faction Warfare LP, they would have been worth around 300M ISK. I picked up a couple T2 rigs – the price of which is so low that they are now commonly viable fitting options. Finally I moved an Orca home that I had left on the other side of the galaxy. You really feel that extra warp time.

I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but I have both my Main and Main Alt currently training to get Mastery V in a couple ISIS (Interbus Ship Identification System) hulls. There is no real need to finishing off some of the skills I am training except for that mastery. I figure it saves me logging in as often, and makes for an easy skill choice for a while. My main is working on Buzzard, while my Alt is working on the Falcon. The latter is purely because it amuses me to have Master V in one of the most hated hulls in game.

Today I’ve been watching some of the matches from the New Eden Open II, Day 4, from here:

It has been nice to get a bit of time for EVE.

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