Pulling things apart

This would be one of the biggest DEV Blogs for Industry players for quite some time.


I expect the Blog sphere will be filled with commentary, and it is going to take a while to come to grips with everything in it. My strongest initial thoughts:

. It really nerfs the refining skills, making it far less likely for the average player to train them to V

. The industrialist is really going to have to be more careful about what they build for sale

. Effectively halving the refined value of ships and modules is going to have a dramatic impact on the market floor for anything with lower turnover volumes.

. The new Refining window mockups look great

. They could have done more to differentiate rates between Empire, low, null and POS

Overall I don’t mind the direction – I just suspect things need to be tweaked though.

3 thoughts on “Pulling things apart

  1. CCP know that they can’t give hisec the massive shafting that they want to try to force people into nullsec, it’ll lose a lot of customers, so they are pandering to the nullbears in another way by a series of ‘mini-buggerings’, boosting nullsec while leaving hisec way behind, that will make hisec no longer economically viable as a cumulative effect. A progressive nerfing rather than a sudden blast in the face.

    Maybe I’m being too cynical, or over exposure to tinfoil hats etc, but this all makes me suspicious that there’s a major series of nerfquakes approaching hisec this year, the cumulative effects of which will be way beyond what we’ve seen with the refining nerf. I’m guessing industry will be next for the same treatment as refining.

    It’ll be interesting to watch the effects, but certainly doesn’t make me want to go back.

    • There was a time I believed CCP was looking to nerf Empire hard. I don’t feel that way any more. I am expecting to see more minor nerfs to empire and various buffs to low and null to ensure more defined differences between them.

      • They may me minor nerfs but the cumulative effect may be profound. The goons seem a bit too smug on the forums atm so I suspect that something has slipped under the NDA and tickled their nads.

        It’s interesting that Blizzard made a similar mistake in Cata, they thought that they could make ‘scrubs’ play ‘properly’ by making the heroic 5-mans much harder. People quit instead.

        CCP think that they can make carebears play ‘properly’ by screwing hisec. It’ll be interesting to see what happens, bearing in mind that Blizz could afford a customer exodus and CCP probably can’t so they’re going to have to play this one very carefully.

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