Spelling mistakes be gone

Quick question.


The EVE client keeps a history of various field entries – such as search terms, object names and so on. The launcher does it for your account names. This can be annoying if you mistyped something, or no longer use an account. Is it possible to delete individual line entries from the history drop down? I support a well known ERP software suite, and all you need to do is hover over any entry and hit Del. It would be nice to have the same functionality in the EVE client.


Edit 05.04.2014

As pointed out in the comments, right click on search field and selecting clear history works.  It removes all the history instead of just the single spelling mistake, but isn’t as drastic as clearing caches would be.




Not so Erotic

The Erotica 1 / Bonus Room conundrum certainly fired up a great number of people to write blog and forum posts.

Amongst the passion, righteousness, rage and trolling, there were some very smart people saying things well worth reading.

Some carefully went over the legal relationship between CCP and its players. Some described the psychological aspects of the bonus room. Others looked at bullying and its definition. There were comparisons made of local and online societies, and there were even eloquent justifications for why the behaviour should be allowed.

Lots of thought provoking and sometimes challenging ideas.

Of course, I’m being pretty optimistic here. To be honest those sorts of posts were in the minority. Mostly the discussions were flooded by trolls. There were so many trolls that they often end up trolling themselves in conversations dozens of layers deep. In any established debate it became harder and harder to find anyone with an opinion they actually championed and believed in.

Have we actually accomplished anything here?

Erotica 1 has apparently been banned, so enough people were counted as standing up and saying the behaviour was not acceptable in our game, and in our particular online community. It was but a tiny step that doesn’t resolve anything. I do hope that it at least got people thinking.

March Done

I post these for myself as a way of tracking what I am doing in game. While not entirely accurate, I use jEveAssets (http://eve.nikr.net/jeveasset) to check my rough overall financial position across all Characters and Corporations.

Game Hours & Play

While I tend to log in daily to change skills and check I have not been sent a war-dec, I only had two actual play sessions for the entire month, a bit over an hour for each. While that relates to the continued thumping I am getting from real life, it has led to a feeling of dislocation from the game. It’s a nasty cycle when you need to have goals in EVE, but you have no time to achieve goals.

Interestingly I have 18 pages of blog notes from the month (although most won’t see the light of day).


I have 1 Main and 8 Alt Characters. 1 Alt supports my Main, 2 are used for Industry, 2 as Scouts, 2 for Price Checking, and 1 for this blog.


27.9B Wallets

. 13.8B Main
. 13.7B Corp

27.6B Assets

. 14.9B Main
. 7.1B Corp

Approximate Wealth
55.6B ISK (Up 0.1B)

Industry / Trade Details

Researching a couple BPO on public slots, and maintaining only a couple of trade items I am updating once a fortnight or so


Account 1 (Main) – 142M SP. Finished Fuel Conservation V, Acceleration Control V and Gravimetric Sensor Compensation V. Working on High Speed Maneuvering V
Account 1 (Scout Alt 2) – 4M SP. No Training

Account 2 (Main Alt) – 133M SP. Completed Shield Compensation V and High Speed Maneuvering V. Working on Shield Upgrades V.

Account 3 (Industry Alt 1) – 42M SP. No Training
Account 3 (Industry Alt 2) – 13M SP. No Training
Account 3 (Scout Alt 1) – 19M SP. Still working on Astrometric Rangefinding V.