Not so Erotic

The Erotica 1 / Bonus Room conundrum certainly fired up a great number of people to write blog and forum posts.

Amongst the passion, righteousness, rage and trolling, there were some very smart people saying things well worth reading.

Some carefully went over the legal relationship between CCP and its players. Some described the psychological aspects of the bonus room. Others looked at bullying and its definition. There were comparisons made of local and online societies, and there were even eloquent justifications for why the behaviour should be allowed.

Lots of thought provoking and sometimes challenging ideas.

Of course, I’m being pretty optimistic here. To be honest those sorts of posts were in the minority. Mostly the discussions were flooded by trolls. There were so many trolls that they often end up trolling themselves in conversations dozens of layers deep. In any established debate it became harder and harder to find anyone with an opinion they actually championed and believed in.

Have we actually accomplished anything here?

Erotica 1 has apparently been banned, so enough people were counted as standing up and saying the behaviour was not acceptable in our game, and in our particular online community. It was but a tiny step that doesn’t resolve anything. I do hope that it at least got people thinking.

2 thoughts on “Not so Erotic

  1. I’ve thought about the whole “bonus room” incident for a while now. I don’t care for scamming, but it is a widely known mechanic of the game. That said, there is a vast difference between a scam and what happened here. I feel that CCP dealt with this problem in the weakest way possible. The response to Ripard’s rantings by the callow denizens of EVE underscore the need to deal with this sort of thing in an active way. By not disclosing what actually happened, I feel that this lack of disclosure only encourages other people to push the limits of acceptable behavior in EVE.

    • CCP have (almost?) always taken the approach of not being specific about their in game punishments. I can see why they don’t want to have to publically explain themselves every time someone disagrees with them, so they just don’t even entertain the option. (And lets face it – you are never going to be able to placate everyone in the greater EVE community, there are too many with Stirring, Bitter Vet and Troll all at Mastery V.)

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